Passengers came up with a way not to pay for baggage – to increase the chest or stomach

Passengers have come up with a way not to pay for luggage — increase chest or stomach

Airlines regularly tighten baggage and carry-on baggage allowances, but travelers do not give up: in order not to overpay for extra pounds, they put on 7 dresses and 3 coats, put heavy things in pockets and hoods, and use a travel pillow as an additional bag. And the most inventive ones went even further and came up with a sophisticated, although not very convenient, way to save money: during the inspection, passengers demonstrate impressive breasts or simulate pregnancy, carrying things that do not fit in a suitcase.

Laptop behind back

Australian journalist Rebecca Andrews decided to pretend to be pregnant in order to take a laptop with a charger: she fastened the laptop on her back with the help of jumpsuit straps, and wrapped the charger in clothes, constructing a fake belly. From above, the girl put on trousers, a sweater and a jacket and went to the airport. In this way she hoped to save 60 AUD. She managed to pass the security check, but already on the plane, a vigilant flight attendant noticed a laptop sticking out from under her jacket. So you still have to pay for it.

Belly backpack

Tiktok blogger was more fortunate. She paid 44 USD for a ticket and decided that she was not ready to overpay for luggage. Therefore, I simply threw the straps of a textile backpack over my shoulders, lowered it to the level of my stomach, and covered it with a voluminous hoodie on top. No one suspected anything during the inspection, and the “pregnant” passenger safely reached her destination. Other resourceful users of social networks “enlarge” not their stomach, but their breasts: they buy a bra several sizes larger and carry small, light items in it – for example, summer clothes.

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