Plane go-around – how dangerous

Aircraft go-around — how dangerous

Sometimes, literally a minute before landing, the roar of the aircraft's engines suddenly becomes louder, and it again gains altitude – a go-around begins. This means that something prevented the liner from landing: it is forced to make an additional maneuver over the airport and burn extra centners of kerosene. Passengers in such a situation usually start to panic, but in vain – nothing terrible happens, on the contrary, the team made the right decision. Go-around is always about safety, and there may be several reasons for such a maneuver.

  1. The runway is busy — the previous airliner did not have time to free it or the airport equipment for some reason was delayed on the field.
  2. Inability to land from current position and forced go-around in order to take a better position.
  3. Sensor failure– sometimes electronics junk and does not show, for example, the release of the chassis. Pilots don't see it themselves – they need to fly over the ground in order to see from there whether the landing gear has come out or not.

Not like clockwork: why is landing hard?

  1. Severe weather conditions: sudden gusts of wind, snow load, fog, heavy rain. When there is no reliable visual contact with the runway, it is better to additionally calculate everything.
  2. Change in wind speed and direction.This can lead to a change in the direction of flight on the landing straight, and the ship simply does not fall into the runway. We have to repeat it.
  3. The landing approach is not stabilized — the required parameters of altitude, trajectory, engine operation mode are not maintained.
  4. Crew error when calculating landing — this also happens, although quite rarely.
  5. Information received from the controller about the inconsistency of the position of the aircraft relative to the pre-landing glide path(flight trajectories). The pilots themselves, when approaching through inaccurate systems, cannot adequately assess the situation and obey the command to go around.

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