Popularity of Workcation Travel Trend Continues to Grow

Popularity of Workcation Travel Trend Continues to Grow

Woman sitting on the beach with her laptop in St. John, US Virgin Islands. (photo via iStock/Getty Images E+/cdwheatley).

A new report shows the workcation trend is not only just sticking around as coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted and people return to the office, but also expanding in popularity in 2023.

American workers are blending vacation time and remote work, giving themselves a chance to have more travel flexibility than ever before. The Go City study found that 50 percent of Gen Zers and nearly 30 percent of U.S. travelers plan to take a workcation this year.

Around 48 percent of those surveyed work remotely, with 29 percent saying they plan to work remotely while on vacation in 2023 and approximately 25 percent would extend a trip this year by working remotely.

“Over the last months, I’ve seen an uptick of clients who’s number one question is about Wi-Fi on a cruise or all-inclusive resort,” TheCruiseGenius.com’s Scott Lara said. “Clearly, more and more people are not only using Wi-Fi for uploading social media pics, I’m being told that working vacations are on the rise, big time.”

Data showed that over 75 percent off respondents said remote work allows them to be more flexible with their paid time off (PTO), while 80 percent revealed they believe travel is easier as a remote worker.

In terms of where people want to take their workcation, Americans are looking to kick back with their laptops in California, Florida and Hawaii. Around 48 percent of respondents also said they check their work email while on vacation.

More than a quarter (26 percent) will be taking one vacation this year, around 33 percent of Americans are planning two trips and 30 percent are taking three-or-more trips. As for budgets, 67 are putting money aside for travel, while 53 percent had to cut back or change their plans due to the economy.

As for how many days of PTO Americans think they deserve, the study found the average was 28 days, with 45 percent using all of their PTO time in 2022. Among those with unlimited PTO, the average person takes 19 days off annually.

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