Qantas allows cabin crew of any gender to use cosmetics

Qantas has allowed cabin crew of any gender to use cosmetics

The introduction of the new Qantas policy is due to the fact that the airline is preparing for management change: current chief executive Alan Joyce retires after 15 years in office. Another reason for the innovations is pressure from the Australian union last year, which called on Qantas to “jump into the 21st century.”

The airline's corporate identity has not changed, including clothing, however, according to management, “eliminating gender differences will allow employees to better match uniforms with their individuality.”

The new policy will apply to employees of budget airline Qantas Jetstar.

“Fashion changes, as do our recommendations for style,” Qantas said in a statement. “We pride ourselves on our diversity and flexibility, keeping our guidelines up to date.”

Under new corporate etiquette, employees, including pilots and flight attendants, are allowed to wear long hair, as long as it is worn in a ponytail or beam. They will also allow all employees to use cosmetics, regardless of gender. Women may eschew gender-based clothing, such as high-heeled shoes.

However, some of the “old-fashioned” will remain in effect. Employees are still required to cover tattoos on exposed parts of the body, and stockings or pantyhose must be worn with dresses and skirts.

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