Qatar Airways at a crossroads: there are almost no new aircraft, but it is necessary to expand

Qatar Airways is at a crossroads: there are almost no new aircraft, but it is necessary to expand

< p>The management of the Doha-based carrier is looking forward to a quick and aggressive capture of new routes, but the increase in the number of destinations today largely depends on how quickly Qatar Airlines gets its hands on new aircraft. 

Sorry &laquo “Qatari”, continued supply chain problems and production delays have resulted in a worldwide shortage of new aircraft, and there is very, very little hope that orders will start filling soon.

After it was possible to “resolve the issue” and to put an end to a major conflict with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, an order for 73 short-haul aircraft was recently restored, and, according to Al-Baker, the first deliveries are “within a stone's throw.”

In the meantime, the airline managed to acquire several Boeing 737MAX aircraft that were originally intended for Russian carrier S7 before Western sanctions annulled the deal.

Qatar Airways is also actively restoring its Airbus A350 fleet, which was laid up due to a paint defect.

However, there is still no exact delivery date for the 777X, and it was assumed that Qatar Airways would be the first in the world operating airline for the latest Boeings, and deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner are once again on hold.

All of this leads to Qatar Airways experiencing a shortage of aircraft, and all hopes are pinned on partner airlines that could fulfill codeshare codeshare flights. 

So, in June 2022, the American Airlines program between New York and Doha was launched. Its complexity was manifested in the fact that the airline is struggling to fill the premium seats — this is the most profitable load, and passengers mostly buy regular economy, as many have booked tickets for Qatar Airways connecting flights to South Asia and Africa.

This route is therefore not the most economical or profitable for American Airlines , but it really benefits Qatar Airways, as it allows it to increase passenger traffic on a key route without wasting another aircraft that could be used to expand its network.

Qatar Airways, with its signature five-star service, already has codeshare contracts with British Airways, Finnair and Royal Air Maroc.

The strategy seems to be working. Partner airline flights are as busy as Qatar Airways' own jets, and the ultimate plan is to turn Doha into a major hub for the Oneworld alliance.

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