Remote control in a bag, languid Egyptians and dogs in the pool: a review of budget Hurghada

Remote in a bag, languid Egyptians and dogs in the pool: a review of budget Hurghada

The reader of “Subtleties” Irina Zemtsova was looking for a budget tour to Egypt – and eventually flew with her husband to Hurghada for 90 thousand for two for a week, the Sphinx Aqua Park Beach Resort 4 * hotel. “The tour was bought at an agency, flew by an Egyptian airline, in the air for 7 hours. We arrived early in the morning, did not stand over the soul of the staff and went to the beach. The main thing is that we were given bracelets so that we could already live a full life on the territory, ”says the tourist. What turned out to be a budget holiday in Hurghada and whether it is worth taking cheap hotels – in Irina's detailed review.

The beach is the first impression of the hotel

And a bar on the beach, too, to be honest & # 160;:) There is a reef near the shore, the entry is more convenient along the pier-slab. Without shoes, be sure to bring your own aquashoes. Here you can buy, but local sellers are completely wild in terms of prices. Chinese goods that fall apart after one use are sold here at the price of original sports equipment, more expensive than in Sportmaster. In the city, the situation is the same – tobacco, which in Moscow does not cost more than 100 rubles, they are trying to sell us for 5 USD.

Oh, those Egyptian marketers.

The only significant disadvantage of the hotel is dogs

The owner of the hotel (or someone from the management staff) has dogs. They live right there and often walk around the hotel. Cocker Spaniels are very fond of the water, and many patrons amuse themselves by tossing a ball to the dog in the communal pool. I think, no matter how much anyone loves dogs, but there must be a measure in this? There are kids swimming there, hey!1/1

Everything else suited us

< p>The food is excellent! I don’t know what people eat at home who write that it’s impossible to eat anything here. Always meat, fish, chicken, fruits, always strawberries and mangoes. Once every 2-3 days – a themed dinner or a huge cake or a seafood evening. If we were in all restaurants, we dined at Luxor. The food was not boring, different restaurants were open on different days.

Come back from vacation with a decent margin :)1/1

The room is a bit “tired”

But it is simply morally outdated, in particular, old-fashioned cheap cabinets made of chipboard, like a grandmother in the country, as well as a large tube TV (I already forgot what they look like) with a remote control in a bag. But it's clean, the beds are comfortable, the linen is perfect, all the bathroom amenities are there. The balcony is large, there are chairs, a view of the sea and the pool. The air conditioning was not turned on, it was not so hot anymore, but if you wish, you can turn it on for heating in winter.

There is a small bay for swimming in winter, it is closed from the winds by mounded hills, so the hotel is also suitable for winter holidays. There are three pools, I don’t know if they are heated, but the water was warm.

Animation every day

Shows in the evening – sometimes national, sometimes just dance. But we didn’t understand the joke: this dance with skirts, where men are spinning, was it a national show in Turkey? In Egypt too, right? It turns out that Egypt and Turkey have a lot in common :)

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Many locals rest

Moreover, only men , family did not see. If you don’t want to find adventures for your ass (or maybe, on the contrary, you want to), then keep in mind that there will be increased attention to single women without a partner. We were with my husband, so I did not fall into their zone of interest, they ignored me. And since there was no need to turn on the macho in front of me, they basically just relaxed and were themselves. It’s very funny to watch how men, like instadivs, pose for each other, take pictures, then look at the photo, ask to retake it and try to choose a more impressive pose :)

I can’t imagine that my husband went with a friend to rest in a hotel and they took pictures of each other under a palm tree in different poses :)

Excellent vacation: we extended the summer, swam, ate, rested. Egypt is our lifesaver in winter, how we missed when planes did not fly here!

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