Return to Zanzibar: Hakuna matata is now three times more expensive

Return to Zanzibar: Hakuna matata is now triple the price

“We were already in Zanzibar at the time of covid, when it became the only destination available to Russians. Prices for tours were within 100 thousand! Now this direction is available again, there are even direct flights, but they cost a lot. We decided to take a connecting flight through Dubai, it takes about 10-12 hours for the journey, it's not that difficult. There are also options for connections via Muscat. The price of tours in 2023 is 3 times higher than during the pandemic, but I think this is for now, since mass tourists do not yet know that this destination is available.” What exactly the reader of “Subtleties” Sveta Groovie agreed to overpay for – in her review of Zanzibar-2023.1/1

Real jungle on the territory

We bought a tour for 8 nights for 234 thousand for two. We took apartments in Jambiani Villas 4 *, a good standard hotel by the standards of Tanzania. Last time we lived in a very cheap hotel, with interruptions in water and electricity, and even this did not overshadow our holiday much. Hakuna matata!

The hotel is just amazing. The apartments are villas, almost all of them overlook the ocean and the pool.

Our pool was a meter from the exit of the room. On the territory of the real jungle, but well-groomed. A lot of couples with children or newlyweds. The atmosphere of luxury and comfort: there are few such hotels in Zanzibar, the service is really at a high level. The only drawback of the rooms is insufficient lighting: in the evening you won’t be able to read a book, even if you turn on all the lights in the room.

About food

The cuisine in the hotel is mostly international, a lot of seafood. There was a separate table with local food: mostly different dishes similar to Indian curry. There were always fruits, fresh juices for breakfast. We usually dined with fruit, bought in a shop near the hotel. We ate at the cafe.

Last time, we mastered the local transport and mentality well, when goats, dogs and a person with several tires are traveling with you on the bus, and on the way you can be given to hold someone else's package, bucket, child.

This is not uncomfortable, but very funny: there is no limit to the openness and indifference of local residents.1/1

The sea goes beyond the horizon

The beach is clean, there were low tides when the sea goes almost beyond the horizon, but walking along the bottom is very interesting. There are fewer sea urchins and dangers: there was a carpet of urchins on the Kigomani beach. There is peace and quiet on the beach, very warm water and an almost complete absence of waves, only endless space, swings, hammocks and crowds of crabs. Nearby is the busier Paget beach, if you need water activities or just want to watch the surfers, you can go there: there are waves and movement on Page. If you are going on foot, don't forget your swimming slippers, there are a couple of places with a narrow coastline when you have to walk through the corals. 1/1

Children are not imposed, but gifts are expected

There are no sights in the village of Jambiani itself. You can just walk the streets, observe the life of the locals – they are very friendly, children are not imposed (although, of course, they expect gifts from tourists, they are used to it). There are a lot of foreigners, mostly from Europe, they are more daring, they travel on local buses and explore everything on their own. American and Canadian tourists most often spend time in a hotel or go on group tours and safaris. There is a huge choice of excursions, but this time we limited ourselves to a beach holiday: during the last trip we traveled all over the island. Next time we will definitely take a safari on the mainland – this is not a cheap pleasure, but definitely worth it!

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