Rum flows like water, the mood of the public is appropriate: a review of Cuba

Rum flows like water, the mood of the public is appropriate: a review of Cuba

Tatyana, author of the review Reader of the “Subtleties of Tourism” Tanya Abramova recently returned from a vacation she spent in Cuba. The impressions are the most positive, no complaints. “We rested in Cuba, we took a “four” hotel, at a price that was not at all budgetary, 264 thousand for two for 10 days. But the Be Live Experience Varadero is absolutely worth the price. I think that in Cuba you can only relax in a hotel, outside the territory – devastation, you should not spoil the impressions, ”says Tatyana.

About the country as a whole

You can go on excursions, but only if you look at natural sights. I don’t see color in city excursions, I don’t want to see all these sights when there is poverty, garbage and the smell of urine in the alleys.

It’s a complete frustration, and I come on vacation to relax and enjoy.

About the hotel

The Be Live Experience Varadero is the perfect place to relax and recharge. Minus one – it's paid Internet, but it works fine, in Cuba you have to pay for everything good. The hotel has a large territory, there is a main building, and villas are scattered around the territory. Accommodation in villas is more comfortable, in my opinion, and the price is much cheaper. The rooms are a bit outdated, the furniture is shabby, but the bathroom is in perfect condition. Each villa has its own pool (very small, you can scoop it out with a spoon, just for beauty) and a separate path to your piece of the beach.

Two restaurants “a la carte”: Chinese food is terrible, the second restaurant is nothing. The main restaurant is delicious, not very diverse, but for 10 days we have not become tired of the dishes. On the upper floors of the main building there is a restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of the area, where you can dine for an additional fee. 1/1

The animation in the hotel is amazing

I don’t know about children’s entertainment, but adults will definitely like it. In the evening dance shows, concerts, musicals. All animation and program in Spanish, but the animators speak a little Russian. There is a bar and a cafe on the beach, all water activities are also free: there is no hype, you can take everything without an appointment and a deposit. There are very few children in the hotel, it seems to me, after all, the hotel is not very suitable for families with children. The hotel is within walking distance of the city. Those who do not like walking can get to the city by bus. He goes often, I didn’t see the schedule, but every time we needed him, we just went to the bus stop and left almost immediately. There is nothing to do in the city, you can go to a fish restaurant or drive a vintage car. 1/1

The most delicious thing is fruits

There are many of them, they are ripe and sweet. Rum flows like water, the mood of the public is appropriate. There are no conflicts either on domestic or political grounds, everyone is as relaxed and friendly as possible.

Vacationers from different countries — America, Europe, Asia, the CIS and Russia. Friendly and drunk international.

Daily team games of volleyball, football, tennis and darts were played for a bottle of rum and a cigar. I don’t know whose initiative it was, the hotel or the vacationers, but the tournaments were always fun, not only for the participants, but also for the fans. Cars, bikes and bicycles are available at a nearby hotel, but we did not use it. Our neighbors rented a car – without a card and collateral, no problems. 1/1

We had a great rest!

I highly recommend the hotel to those who are afraid to get into the “scoop” in Cuba. Everything here, although not new, is definitely enough of the Caribbean spirit, the ocean and rum.

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