Russian airlines will soon pay more for flight delays

Russian airlines will soon pay more for flight delays

On July 25, the State Duma considered a bill , who are offered to Russian air carriers to increase fines by 4 times for the above violations.

Now the penalties are only 25 rubles for each passenger registered for a flight for each hour of their waiting for a delayed departure. The bill proposes to increase their size to 100 rubles per hour. In addition, air carriers will have to be fined 100 rubles. for each piece of baggage for each hour of delay in its delivery to the destination.

The bill was adopted immediately as a whole, but will enter into force only in the spring of 2024.

It is worth noting that the Law exempts air carrier from paying a fine only if the disruption occurred due to reasons beyond its control – weather conditions, the conduct of hostilities in the area of ​​​​the departure/arrival airfield or on the planned route. Other reasons (technical, organizational, etc.) will be considered as those that arose through the fault of the airline and it will be obliged to be fined for this. 

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