Russian automobile “Green cards” stopped working in a number of countries

Russian drivers need to purchase a border insurance policy of the respective country at checkpoints

From June 1, bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of Green Card insurance certificates between the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RUA) and insurance bureaus located in the European Union, as well as in the UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland are terminated. However, now you still have to manage to get there by your own car. 
 Green Card is an international motor third party liability insurance policy, also known as IMIC (International Motor Insurance Certificate). The system recently united 48 states, Russia joined the treaty in 2009. 
From now on, in order to travel across most of Europe in cars with Russian numbers, drivers need to purchase a border insurance policy of the corresponding country at checkpoints. Without it – a fine, a tow truck for forced parking and other troubles.
Accordingly, to move around the territory of the Russian Federation on vehicles registered in the listed states, you will need an OSAGO policy.
According to information from the PCA, Green Cards issued in Russia will continue to be valid in Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Montenegro.
Serious problems with obtaining a new policy, apparently, await those who previously ended up in Europe with their “iron horse”. 
 What to do in this case?
1. Apply personally to the offices of national insurance companies. There should be a lot of them, however, you may have to run around. Keep in mind that under the rules, insurers must check where your car is currently located. Usually, however, oral confirmation that he is within the EU, if we are talking about the European Union, satisfies everyone. However, the requirements can be tightened at any time.
2. Try on your own * to find a company that will take care of the policy online. This is allowed in Europe. Be prepared to request not only scans of documents for the car, copies of the passport and driver's license, but also a photo of the car itself with reference to the location (see clause 1), as well as payment for the service by transfer from your bank account located in the SEPA zone.  
3. Seek help from intermediaries. At your own risk.
At the same time, a possible global ban on the issuance of insurance policies to Russian car owners by one state or another cannot be ruled out. One more note: for the UK, you need to request separate coverage. Not all offices that issue Euro-insurance can do it.
You can check whether the received policy is valid on the website of the Polish Insurance Guarantee Fund or the Lithuanian Motor Insurers Bureau.

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