Russian flight attendants told about the most annoying habits of passengers

Russian flight attendants talk about the most annoying passenger habits

The stewardess is always smiling, polite and helpful. At least it should be. But with some passengers, even the most stress-resistant flight attendants come close to losing patience. (Another thing is that a real “heavenly pro” will never show such a thing.) So what angers Russian flight attendants the most?


According to a study by OneTwoTrip, the hit parade is predictably led by debaters, brawlers and rude people. Those who refuse to follow instructions and are obsessively concerned about “protecting their rights.” For every request or argument they have a thousand answers and objections. It is very unpleasant when a person goes beyond and starts to be rude. The stewardess has to somehow resolve the situation, which sometimes takes a lot of nerves. How much do they earn train conductors in Russia?


People throwing garbage are in second place. During the flight, flight attendants pass through the cabin several times and collect papers and food waste from passengers. But there are always instances that leave a garbage dump behind.


The third position is taken by pests that damage the property of the airline. The path is even unintentional, but all the same, it infuriates incredibly. In connection with recent events, wearing masks incorrectly during the flight or refusing to use them has been added to annoying habits.

Further are the little things. Many flight attendants do not like ill-mannered children yelling the entire flight or kicking the back of the seat in front with their feet. Particularly annoying are the rabid kinders, who arrange a race around the cabin, while their parents shrug helplessly: this is a frank disrespect for fellow travelers. Also, “gourmets” who categorically do not like anything from the menu, and actively gloomy travelers who radiate negativity with might and main are not held in high esteem.

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