Russian Railways will not tell: 6 Sapsan chips that not everyone knows about

1. If you immediately take a round-trip ticket, the total will be 10% cheaper. But this is relevant only for those passengers who are not entitled to other discounts for the tariffs “Children”, Junior, Senior and others.

2. The full cost of an economy class ticket can be paid with Russian Railways points. Moreover, this also works on “top” days, when prices are at their maximum. For meals included in the tariff, for the bistro car, economy + and business class, you need to pay extra in “live” money. A trifle, but nevertheless: if you do not want to spend money on coffee and tea, take a couple of bags with you, and they will give you boiling water and sugar for free. You are not required to hand over linen to Russian Railways. And 10 more things a conductor should do.

3. According to experienced travelers , the seats at the tables are not as wonderful as it is commonly believed. Yes, it is more convenient to view the landscapes outside the window, you can put a laptop, but the legs of the neighbors will not let you relax and drive calmly. All 4 hours you run the risk of trampling on other people's shoes. According to yours, too.

4. Multimedia infotainment portal “Sapsana” is useful not only with entertainment content: music, films and books. Through it it is convenient to order food from the bistro car directly to your place. Connect to the service via Wi-Fi, log in using your ticket details.

5. In some cases a ticket to the bistro car with 2000 RUB included in it for food and drinks is more profitable than the “economy”. Especially if you are going to splurge on a full meal on the train anyway.

6. A gift for Sapsan passengers – birthdays from Russian Railways – 30% discount 7 days before the birthday and within 7 days after. You can take three friends with you, they will also be given the same discount. One condition: tickets must be issued at the same time.

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