Ryanair and unite flight attendant union agree

Ryanair and unite flight attendant union have agreed

The Ryanair Group has announced that it has signed a new collective agreement with Unite, which provides for accelerated pay recovery, advance and annual salary indexing, significant restructuring and other pay and benefits improvements for the entire Ryanair flight attendant workforce through 2026.

Ryanair has now announced a recruitment of cabin crew, creating more than 2,500 new jobs in the UK. This will allow increasing passenger traffic to 225 million people by 2026. Under a new union agreement, flight attendants will receive competitive starting wages and fixed work hours — five working days plus three days off, which will provide a normal balance between work and personal life, like all “normal people”.

A key feature of the changes — stable career path to help crew members get promoted to chief flight attendant and flight instructor positions as the airline grows.

According to the airline bosses, she will continue to work with unions across Europe on new agreements similar to those that have been negotiated with Unite in the UK, CCOO in Spain and SNPN-FO in France last week.

This summer, Ryanair managed to improve long-term contracts with more than 85% of pilots and 90% of Ryanair cabin crew.

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