Saint Lucia introduced new entry requirements for foreigners

Saint Lucia introduced new entry requirements for foreigners

As of last Wednesday, tourists traveling to the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia must complete a new digital form. The Electronic Immigration Form requires travelers to provide their itinerary and contact information within 72 hours prior to arrival. The form also indicates the nature of the trip, such as a business trip or conference, wedding or visiting friends.

While Saint Lucia has lifted all travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the new form contains several health-related issues: whether the traveler has any symptoms, recent contact with someone who has had a communicable disease. The form states that any false information will result in a fine of $370.

The Saint Lucia Department of Tourism states on its official website that it strongly recommends that all travelers complete the digital form three days prior to arrival on the island , but those who do not submit it in advance will have to fill out and submit the paper version on the spot at the airport.

Officials advise tourists: the form can be filled out even in flight using Wi-Fi to speed up the process airport formalities. After sending the completed form, a response letter with a QR code will be sent to the specified e-mail address, which must be presented at the border.

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