Samarkand Airport joined the International Airports Council of Europe

Samarkand Airport has joined Airports Council Europe

Currently, ACI Europe represents more than 500 air harbors in 55 European countries. Its member airports serve 90 percent of commercial air traffic in Europe. This is 2.3 billion passengers, 18.4 million tons of cargo and 21.2 million flights per year.

ACI Europe promotes cooperation between airlines, airports and other aviation enterprises and works as a network responsible for a global result throughout the industry.

Membership in ACI Europe confirms Air Marakanda's efforts to develop Samarkand International Airport, and also opens up new opportunities for further improvement.

Air Marakanda and its state partner JSC « Airports of Uzbekistan» reorganized SKD for $80 million. The new airport will serve the region's population of 3.9 million and act as a key hub for international transit flights. It will be able to serve four times as many passengers as was previously possible. An independent study by marketing firm Lufthansa Consulting predicts an increase in annual passenger traffic from 480,000 to two million.

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