Saudi Riyadh Air to add food and alcohol on international flights

Food and alcohol will appear on international flights of Saudi Riyadh Air

Alcohol in any is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, and the current national carrier, Saudia Airlines, remains a so-called “dry airline”. This means that even outside Saudi Arabian airspace, passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol.

However, the fact is that Riyadh Air positions itself as a “world class” airline; and promises to provide passengers with an “exceptional level of service” comparable to regional competitors Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways — former employer of Tony Douglas. So it is quite possible that quality alcoholic drinks will be served on flights to the Kingdom.

So, alcohol will be allowed, and food and drink will be served during daylight hours during Ramadan.

True , other traditional Islamic customs Riyadh Air will keep.

Another interesting point in Douglas' interview. He effectively dismissed the suggestion that Riyadh Air is going to compete head-to-head with its Gulf counterparts for transfer passengers traveling between East and West. geographic location» between Asia, Africa and Europe, Douglas claims that the airline is being created to serve the flow of tourists traveling directly to the Kingdom.

In support of this, Douglas made a weighty argument: the trillions of dollars that the Saudi sovereign investment fund is investing in projects to transform the local economy to attract both business and tourists.

Riyadh Air hopes to launch in 2025, with at least 39 Boeing 787–9 Dreamliners already under contract, with an option for 33 more.


According to Douglas, new orders may be announced very soon. The airline is expected to add Boeing 737MAX narrow-body aircraft to its fleet. A deal for long-haul aircraft from rival manufacturer Airbus is also widely discussed.

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