Sea 260 km from Moscow: for those who cannot afford a long trip

The sea 260 km from Moscow: for those who cannot afford a long trip

Stepan Soloveiv The Black, Azov and Baltic Seas beckon with beaches and a carefree resort mood, but not everyone manages to find time (and money) for a long vacation away from home. Life hack: we get into the car – and after a few hours we enjoy the amazing scenery and silence on the shore of the reservoir, which is almost indistinguishable from the sea.

The Rybinsk reservoir is located 260 km from Moscow, on the territory of the Yaroslavl, Tver and Vologda regions. It was created in the 1940s. on the site of a shallow glacial lake, between the Sheksna and Mologa – the left tributaries of the Volga. Rybinsky was predicted the status of the world's largest artificial lake: nearby cities, towns and monasteries were flooded, people were settled throughout the district.

It was not possible to achieve the ambitious goal of becoming the world's largest artificial lake, but the locals still call it the sea: the area is huge, the waves are high, there are a lot of fish.

How to get to Rybinsk

From Moscow to Rybinsk there are trains from the Belorussky railway station (about 12 hours) and buses from the bus station “Northern Gate” (Dybenko St., 7, metro station “Khovrino”; 5-6 hours on the way). You can also go by car through Sergiev Posad and Uglich (4-5 hours) or go on a boat cruise lasting from 5 days.

Beach break

The local shores are reminiscent of the Riga seaside: clear water, fine golden sand, dense pine forests along the edge. Most of the beaches are wild, not crowded, but this is rather a plus. You can spend the night in a tent under the starry sky or choose one of the camp sites with rooms from 1000 RUB per day. Within the boundaries of Rybinsk (Pebory district) there is a free beach with a gentle entrance to the water. The coverage is grassy with sandy islands, of the amenities – only benches and cabanas.

In the village of Koprino, the first well-maintained beach in the area was recently built with toilets, changing rooms, a shop, rental of bicycles, catamarans, wakeboards and ATVs. Sand and water undergo sanitary checks, lifeguards are on duty on the shore. For children there is a separate shallow area and a playground with animation, there is a paid area with umbrellas and sun loungers (100 RUB per day). The best wild beaches are concentrated in Breitovo, Milyushino and Rozhnovsky Cape, as well as on the islands – for example, Yurshinsky, where the boat delivers from Perebor.


The Rybinsk Reservoir is a fisherman's dream: sterlet and smelt, eel and catfish, pike perch and burbot themselves ask for a bait, even trophy 10-kilogram pikes come across. In summer, people fish here from the shore or from a boat – you can rent it in any locality. In the spring, connoisseurs move to the mouths of the rivers, and in winter, from November to March, they come out onto strong ice. One of the proven “cool” locations is the village of Volkovo in the Ogarkovo settlement. /f550x700/25/bl/25blmxhvbc9w4wcw4wskck04w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

The sea 260 km from Moscow: for those who cannot afford a long trip



Rybinsk is full of sights: elegant mansions, museums, churches (from the Orthodox Ascension, St. George and Transfiguration to the Gothic Church of the Heart of Jesus). When the water level in the “sea” falls, church domes and roofs of houses suddenly appear above the surface: this is not a mirage, but the flooded city of Mologa – Russian Atlantis, which died during the construction of a hydroelectric power station. We advise you to swim here with local boaters and return for details to the Museum of the Mologa Region.

The ethnocomplex “Tygydym” is the brainchild of a married couple who built a fabulous village near Petrakovo instead of a legal career. Barns and huts, shopping malls and stables – everything is either recreated according to documents and photographs, or transported along a log from other places. And in Vesyegonsk, a winery founded in 1914 is noteworthy: now it has Italian equipment and excellent fruit wines.1/1

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