Seychelles introduce new tourist tax

“Environmental fee” will be valid from April 1

Seychelles Introduces New Tourist Tax

The Seychelles introduces a new tourist tax on April 1 this year.

Speech we are talking about the so-called “environmental fee” (enviromental levy), which will be charged to tourists upon check-out from the hotel. The fee rate does not depend on the category of the hotel, but on the size of its room stock.

The minimum rate – 25 Seychelles rupees per “room – night” ($ 1.85) – will be charged in hotels with a capacity of up to 24 numbers inclusive. If the hotel has from 25 to 50 rooms, then the rate will be 75 rupees ($5.55). In larger hotels, the fee is 100 rupees per room for one night ($7.4). Thus, for a week-long holiday in the Seychelles, you will need to pay from 175 rupees ($13) to 700 rupees ($51.8), depending on the size of the hotel.

Representatives of the host companies also emphasize that the fee is charged per room, and not for tourists, that is, the number of people living in a room does not affect the rate. In this case, payment is required in local currency. Payment in foreign currency is possible only at the discretion of a particular hotel at the current rate. Payment will be charged from April 1st for both new bookings and previous bookings made and paid for if nights fall on the date after the fee takes effect (for nights after April 1st).

Recall that tourists arriving in the Seychelles also need to pay a fee of 10 euros per adult tourist and 6 euros per child under 12.

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