Sicily to upgrade railway tracks for 101 million euros

In addition, in some parts of the island a second a route that allows travel in two directions at the same time.

This project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is expected to significantly reduce travel time, as well as increase the number of transfer points. In addition, some of the vacated areas will be turned into cycle paths, as the project also aims to ensure a smooth transition to sustainable travel.

“This is a major investment to increase the tourist attractiveness of Sicily. This will make Sicily a more accessible and comfortable place to live and work. Step by step, we are making the European Green Deal a reality, — Reform Commissioner Elisa Ferreira said.

The project is also expected to improve rail connectivity and accessibility to the ports of Catania, Augusta and Palermo, as well as connections to Catania and Palermo airports.

It is also planned to modernize the Bicocca railway station in Catania by re-laying tracks, building new underpasses and ramps, and renovating the station building.

This investment is an important project to strengthen the social and economic development of Sicily, given that it develops more efficient, faster and lower emission vehicles for citizens and companies.

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