Singapore Airlines to waive mask requirement on planes

Singapore Airlines will finally waive the requirement to wear masks on planes

During his speech at the National Day rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that Singapore would lift existing mask rules on almost all environments except for two — medical facilities and public transport.

Many countries have mandated the use of masks on public transport for passenger aviation, but the Singapore Ministry of Health has officially confirmed that this applies to the subway system and buses, but not airplanes.

Singapore Airlines has confirmed that it will lift the mask rules from August 29, except for flights to countries where masks are mandatory. In particular, masks are still required on flights to Australia and Canada, as well as to Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Korea.

“Thanks to everyone's efforts, we survived the Omicron BA.5 wave without additional internal restrictions or travel restrictions, — announced the Ministry of Health the day before, on Wednesday. “As this wave passes, our population is becoming more resilient to COVID through vaccination and recovery from the infection. Now we can take one more step towards living with COVID-19.

Thus, Singapore's existing mask regime will remain in place until Monday. Passengers aged six and over must wear masks that cover their nose and mouth unless they have a medical clearance signed by a doctor.

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