Single tourists in Barcelona may be denied in the restaurants of the city

Single tourists in Barcelona may be denied access to restaurants in the city

Recently, Barcelona has become so a popular destination for foreigners, the city just can't handle the influx of tourists. It is increasingly difficult for the authorities to find a balance in order to provide maximum comfort for tourists, while not infringing on the interests of the local population and preserving the authenticity of the city. In the near future:

  • a significant increase in the Barcelona tourist tax for “short-term” tourists – for those who are in Barcelona for 1 night (arrived in the morning, excursions, spent the night, left the city the next day);
  • clear regulation of the pastime of tourist groups – clearly coordinate with the authorities the schedules and routes of excursions, accommodation in hotels where they will eat, reducing to a minimum the time of free movement around the city. 


But if this is a short-term prospect, then Barcelona restaurateurs have already introduced a significant restriction on serving single tourists. Already today, not all restaurants in the capital of Catalonia can eat if you sit at a table alone. A single tourist may either not be served at all, or other clients may be seated at his table without asking the client's permission. So you can run into a problem while walking around the Spanish city, and you need to be prepared for this. 

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