Spain is the last country in Europe to require masks to be worn on planes

Spain is the last country in Europe to require masks on airplanes

Spain introduced mandatory face masks on public transport, including aircraft, in early 2020. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) recommended abolishing the wearing of masks back in May, but Madrid ignored the recommendation.

Most European countries immediately agreed with aviation and medical officials , only a few refuseniks remained, including Germany, Portugal and Spain. When Germany finally succumbed to growing public anger over plane masks in October, Spain was the only one in Europe to force airlines to wear masks.

“It makes no sense to wear masks on an airplane, given the development of the pandemic at the global level and the epidemiological situation in Spain,” — Javier Gandara, president of the Association of Spanish Airlines, comments on the situation. The organization represents companies such as Iberia, EasyJet and Air Europe.

Passengers flying with a Spanish airline or an aircraft registered in Spain are required to wear masks at all times, while customers from foreign airlines are required to wear masks only on flights to Spain. In the opposite direction, no personal protective equipment is required.

Apparently to further complicate and confuse the situation, the Spanish authorities a few months ago canceled masks in airport terminals and all vaccination and testing requirements.

“After the abolition of these measures when entering Spain, it is even more unjustified and inappropriate to maintain the mandatory wearing of a mask on an airplane,” — said Gandara this week. 

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