Sri Lanka lifts coronavirus restrictions

From December 7, new rules began to operate in the country

 Sri Lanka lifts coronavirus restrictions

Sri Lanka removes coronavirus restrictions from December 7 – no tests or certificates are needed to enter the country. The local Ministry of Health issued a statement to this effect. If a tourist is suspected of covid, and the test shows a positive result, then the traveler will have to isolate for 7 days and undergo treatment at his own expense.

The first relief in Sri Lanka began to be introduced back in October: then the curfew was lifted, and tourists could not take a PCR test for coronavirus if they had a vaccination certificate.

Aeroflot flights fly from Moscow to Colombo.  The average cost of a round-trip flight is 60–80 thousand rubles. And AZUR air charters deliver tourists from the regions. His planes fly not only from the capital, but also from St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk.

From December 1, Sri Lanka increased the cost of issuing tourist visas. The e-Visa (ETA) price has changed from $35 to $50. True, not all compatriots will be able to pay online – Russian bank cards are not accepted.

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