St Barts Eases COVID-19 Travel Requirements

St Barts Eases COVID-19 Travel Requirements

St. Barts. (photo via Saintbarth-Tourisme)

Visiting the Caribbean island of St. Barts got a whole lot easier as of August 1.

Earlier this month, the French government rescinded all of its remaining COVID-19-related travel restrictions and testing requirements for anyone entering France and its territories, including St. Barts.

As a result, travelers visiting the destination will no longer be required to sign an attestation confirming that they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, nor will they need proof of vaccination against the virus or a compelling reason for their visit.

Nonetheless, the Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS) form is still required to enter nearby St. Martin so travelers connecting through the French overseas collectivity will need to complete it within 72 hours of arrival.

It’s also worth noting that the welcome changes to St. Barts’ entry protocols come just in time for the island’s upcoming high season, which is poised to kick off with the annual Gourmet Festival taking place November 8-13, 2022.

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