St. Kitts and Nevis Debuts “Venture Deeper” Brand Campaign

St. Kitts and Nevis Debuts “Venture Deeper” Brand Campaign

SKTA's promotional campaign focuses on sites across the dual-island territory. At Nevis' Cottle Church. (Photo by Brian Major)

Dual-island nation St. Kitts & Nevis launched “Venture Deeper,” a branding campaign created to highlight the Caribbean territory’s distinct natural environment while “introducing elements of introspective self-discovery and intention,” said St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) officials.

The campaign’s visual assets, showcased May 20 media premiere in New York, highlight St. Kitts’ and Nevis’s lush natural environment, including the territory’s rainforest, verdant landscape surrounding Nevis Peak, abundant historic landmarks and immersive cultural experiences.

Campaign visuals also feature the territory’s spacious white-sand beaches and panoramic beachfront sunsets. Scenes featuring the territory’s numerous historic locations and the two islands’ distinctive cuisine and cultures are also part of the presentation.

“We’re more than a beach destination, said Marsha Henderson, St. Kitts & Nevis minister of tourism, civil aviation. “[St. Kitts & Nevis] have experiences that are unique to us.” Henderson said the campaign presentation is being broadcast via SKTA’s website and social media channels. The initiative is also utilizing television ads and “various digital channels,” SKTA officials added.

Campaign images include several of the territory’s signature sites and activities, including hiking across the dormant volcanic crater of Mount Liamuiga with local guides and exploring the territory’s complex colonial era at Brimstone Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Campaign images also include visitors exploring the art of textile design at St. Kitts’ Caribelle Batik and boarding rail excursions aboard the country’s remaining sugar cane fields. In Nevis, travelers can opt for hiking and ATV tours around the green hills surrounding 3,232- foot high Nevis Peak, which are dotted with the ruins of sugar-producing plantations.

Said Henderson, “We see the campaign launch as an investment in the tourism industry, particularly coming out of the Covid [pandemic]. Visitors are asking for more immersive experiences, so we feel this launch has been timely and shows our commitment.”

The campaign is among several initiatives the dual-island nation has launched in 2022 to promote travel to both islands in the territory. Officials say most travelers visit both islands regardless of where their vacations in the territory begin.

“We look forward to the “Venture Deeper” campaign resonating with travelers,” said Ellison Thompson, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority’s CEO, “as they discover for themselves all that the destination has to offer.”

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