Sweden extends additional passport checks scheme until 2023

Sweden extended additional passport checks scheme until 2023

According to the press release, and further verify the identity of all passengers boarding. Previously, it was enough to check an identity document. This enhanced measure was introduced in the spring of 2022, and although plans to cancel it were discussed, the requirement will remain in place for another seven months.

“The tightening is due to the fact that information provided without verifying the identity of the passenger may be wrong», — according to a press release.

Sweden recently announced that it will continue to carry out border controls for travelers entering from other Schengen countries, meaning internal borders remain until at least May 1.

A press release from the Swedish Ministry of Justice notes that there is a serious threat to the country's internal security due to the situation in Ukraine. “The risk of arms smuggling and human trafficking carried out by criminal networks that profit from the war is increasing,” — noted at the Ministry in this regard. 

Neighbouring Sweden, Denmark recently announced that it would also extend its internal border measures with Germany, although they were due to expire on November 12.

Similar measures are being taken in other countries. At the end of September, the Czech Republic announced that it would also introduce internal border controls with Slovakia to prevent illegal migrants from using this “corridor”. for transit to Germany. The Austrian authorities have also introduced checks on the border with Slovakia. 

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