Switzerland denies citizenship to French millionaire for speeding

Switzerland denied citizenship to French millionaire due to speeding

Decision to dismiss the application for citizenship of a Frenchman who has lived in Switzerland for almost four decades and owns luxurious clinics and hotels, has been accepted by the Swiss Federal Administrative Authority.

According to the global information platform Swiss Info, the defendant was considered a well-integrated as well as financially stable person with a net worth of millions of Swiss francs.

However, after being caught driving at a speed of 80 km/h in an area with a speed limit of 40 km/h, the authorities decided to reject his application for naturalization, which was submitted in 2018.

At the same time, the Geneva prosecutor's office sentenced the French citizen and also issued a fine.

Taking into account the offense committed by a French citizen, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court ruled that a person with a criminal record cannot claim “successful integration”. Moreover, the court added that citizenship cannot be granted before the probationary period has expired.

This means that a French citizen will soon be able to apply for citizenship again.

Citizens of other countries may be granted Swiss citizenship, provided they meet certain requirements.

There are two main ways: simplified naturalization and regular naturalization.

Simplified naturalization only applies to a few categories of persons and the decision is made more quickly as it falls within the competence of the federal government.

Regular naturalization is more complex as it must go through the country's cantonal, communal and federal authorities.

The general rule for ordinary naturalization is that a person must prove that they have lived in Switzerland for ten years and have a permanent residence permit.

In addition, applicants application for naturalization must also prove that they have successfully integrated into society and have knowledge of the history and traditions of the country. Moreover, those who apply for naturalization must also not pose a threat to the security of Switzerland.

However, the procedures, as well as the requirements, may vary from one canton to another. For this reason, everyone is advised to familiarize themselves with the rules in force in their canton when it comes to applying.

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