Taiwanese iron balls

Taiwanese iron eggs

If you're offered iron eggs in Taiwan, don't be scared. It's just a local delicacy. More specifically, a snack.

You can buy them from private sellers right on the street or in a specialized store where the eggs will be industrially produced and in a vacuum. Needless to say, the option from the store is safer. But culture lovers can also find “private” producers.

Eggs look more like dark brown stones. And in terms of texture, they are slightly denser and rubbery than regular hard-boiled ones. By the way, sometimes they are also called stone eggs, and this name, to be honest, suits them better. Their shade is brown and they are sold immediately without a shell. Reminds me of boiled beets in a vacuum.

But only visually.

Taiwanese iron eggs

In fact, these are the most common chicken, pigeon or quail eggs, which were boiled for a very long time in soy sauce and spices and dried. For some reason, duck eggs are not used in this recipe, although they are generally eaten in Taiwan. But it is not customary to make them iron.

There are several recipes for iron eggs. But now no one usually cooks them at home, they buy them ready-made. days – from three to a week.

Of course, like any strange dish, iron eggs have their own origin story. And even several of its variants.

Taiwanese iron balls

The eggs are believed to have originated in the Tamsui area. There, once a woman boiled eggs in soy sauce with spices, but the guests did not come, it was the rainy season, and she dried them, and then boiled them again so that they would become warm by the arrival of the guests. And the guests did not come again. As a result, I cooked until the eggs became dense and brown. And strange in taste. Nobody got sick of them, but everyone liked them.

In some versions of this legend, it was not a woman who came up with everything, but a man, and he was not waiting for guests, but he cooked like this in a restaurant every day, but no one bought. But this does not change the essence: the eggs were marinated for a long time, and a new dish turned out. where you can buy a delicacy of proven quality.

Iron Taiwanese eggs

The name appeared on the name of the brand “Granny Iron Eggs”, which was one of the first to establish the production of a local unusual dish .

Of course, boiled-dried eggs with spices can be found not only in Taiwan, but in other countries. But the locals are sure that it is Taiwanese.



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