Ten Little-Known Facts About Modern Flight Attendant Uniforms

Ten little-known facts about the modern uniform of flight attendants

Photo: britishairways.com

  1. Fashion designers -designers

Many airlines hire well-known fashion designers to create their uniforms. Vivienne Westwood designed Virgin Atlantic's iconic uniform and British Airways just released their new uniform designed by Ozwald Boateng. Designers love working with airlines and creating a personalized, stand-out look that will represent them for years to come.

  1. Testing

Uniforms in new designs must be thoroughly tested for several months before a decision is made to put them into production. The flight attendant moves a lot, so the suit must be durable and at the same time elastic. It should be comfortable to wear in any climate, as airline employees often find themselves in different parts of the world and travel constantly.

Often designers observe the work of flight attendants before starting work. Later, the flight attendants secretly try out the uniforms to make sure they are practical and stylish. At this point, hidden flaws in the “design” are revealed; and make necessary adjustments.

  1. Heels

Most airlines have strict heel height guidelines. Since this is part of the uniform, all shoes should look very similar. As for women's shoes, the parameters in most cases are: “ground”; shoes can have a heel of 4 to 5 cm, and flying shoes should be almost flat, with a heel no more than 1 cm.

  1. Jewelry

The use of jewelry is very limited. Partly for security reasons, but mostly for looks. Airlines usually allow only one set of earrings to be worn. But piercing on open parts of the body is strictly prohibited, although some carriers have made indulgences in this matter in recent months. Bracelets and chains around the neck are not allowed, as they can get caught, for example, when opening the door. Usually only one ring is allowed.

  1. Ties and handkerchiefs

A tie or neckerchief is often part of uniforms. For security reasons, they are easily removed — have elastic fasteners, fasten with clips or Velcro. This is so that if the brawler tries to pull his tie, he will simply slip off without harming the crew member.

  1. Trying on

Flight attendant uniforms are selected individually for each person during the training period. This allows you to ensure that the suit fits perfectly. Uniforms are not replaced if a crew member gains or loses weight and should last for several years.

  1. Hats

Airlines have very specific guidelines for wearing hats. It could be something like: “The cap should be placed 5 cm above the right eyebrow at the highest point.”

  1. Lipstick< /li>

With cosmetics, again, there are very specific rules, and colors are standardized. Some airlines even list their preferred brand and the exact color number the flight attendant should use.

  1. Manicure

Nail polish colors are also limited, and often only red or French manicures are allowed. Some airlines now allow all genders to wear makeup and paint their nails in line with changes over the years.

  1. Watches
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    The style of the watch should be very classic and understated. Clock — an absolute must, every crew member is required to wear them at work. First of all, to record the time of any incident that may occur on board, as well as during first aid, or when compiling a report.

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