Thai authorities approved new rules for issuing multiple visas for tourists

Thai authorities have approved new rules for issuing multiple visas for tourists

According to the current entry rules, citizens RF can rest in Thailand for 45 days without a visa. If there is a need or desire to stay in the “land of smiles” more than a month and a half, it is best to apply for a multivisa — it is valid for 6 months. Previously, the process was simple, but now, with the introduction of new rules by the Thai authorities, another procedure has been added to it. The applicant needs to provide real evidence of his financial solvency.

Recall that previously it was enough to attach a regular certificate from your bank confirming the availability of funds to the set of documents. Now you need a copy of the account statement certified by a bank employee. And, not for a month, but for the last six months. What else are Thai officials paying attention to? The minimum amount at the end of each month must be at least $7,000. In the equivalent, of course.

You will also need a detailed plan of your actions and movements in Thailand, although it is not clear how they are going to check it. From work, you need to take an official certificate with the address of the enterprise, your position and experience.

The tightening of requirements fits well into the concept announced by the Thai authorities: to focus on wealthy tourists, and not on those who spend practically nothing on vacation and does not bring any benefit to local tourism at all.

For those who cannot meet the financial conditions for obtaining a multivisa, the old proven method will remain: at the end of the permitted period of stay, leave for one day in Cambodia and then return to Thailand, thus starting a new 45 days.

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