Thai authorities have changed the rules for obtaining a multi-visa

To get a multivisa to Thailand, you will have to prove your ability to pay

Thai authorities have changed the rules for obtaining a multivisa

The authorities of Thailand have changed the rules for obtaining a multivisa, writes Pattayapeople. Now, Russians who want to stay in the kingdom for six months must provide proof of solvency.

Previously, a bank statement stating that there was $6,000 in the account was enough. Now you need a statement for the last six months, and the minimum balance for each month must be above $7000.

And you also need to prepare a detailed travel plan, full-time study certificate (for students) or a certificate from the place work,  position, length of service and vacation duration.

Due to this, Thailand is going to reduce the number of “winterers” who came to the country without money and with one backpack. These tourists bring almost no income to the country: they spend the night in hostels or tents, choose simple food.

However, those same winterers have already developed a plan: on the forums they discuss that they can use visa-free entry into the kingdom for 45 days, and then go abroad and re-enter, resetting the period of stay.

It is quite possible that “border wounds” will become even more popular.



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