The airport is the face of the city, Kazan has a beautiful one. Tourist review

Airport — is the face of the city, near Kazan it is beautiful. Tourist review

Clever Life, Wikicommons A reader of “Subtleties” with the nickname mango-tourist in March 2023 flew to her sister in Serbia, in Belgrade. “We did not contact a travel agency, since we did not need a hotel, we were looking for tickets ourselves. The cheapest flight from Russia to Serbia was Kazan-Belgrade. 42 thousand rubles per person, a direct flight, while direct flights from Moscow by Air Serbia cost from 90 thousand per person! ”, says the tourist. 1/1

It is easy to find tickets to Kazan

2800 rub. with luggage, the cheapest flight from Moscow cost, but the connection time was more than a day. I didn’t really want to go to Kazan for an excursion, the road and flights tire me. I also read reviews that public transport from the airport does not follow the most understandable scheme and schedule, plus the airport, although it is located not far from the city, you will have to pay at least 1200 rubles for a one-way taxi.

Therefore, we spent a day at the airport. And you know, it turned out to be not the worst leisure option!

I'll tell you what you can do at Kazan airport if you have a long connection in this city.

It was my first time at this airport

And I was pleasantly surprised by the range of services and the quality of service. Stylish, modern, compact airport. There are souvenir shops, Tatar cuisine shops, several installations, photo zones, a small exhibition where you can learn the history of Tatarstan. In the first terminal there is a luggage storage, a day costs 400 rubles. There is a post office: you can send parcels, money orders. Conveniently, for the first time I see this at the airport in our country. 1/1

There are Visit Tatarstan brochures at the information desk< /h2>

They contain the schedule of events and holidays for the next month, the main attractions of the city, museums. It can be seen that the city is a tourist, developing in this direction quickly. Due to popularity, of course, the price tag is too high. Prices for souvenirs, cafes and restaurants seem to be even higher than in Moscow.

But it is felt that money is not spent by, but invested in development. This includes phone chargers and clean toilets. 1/1

There is also a hotel

Without going outside, through a covered passage you can get to the Expo-Kazan exhibition center or to the large hotel complex Kravt Kazan Airport. New modern, beautiful and, of course, very expensive. If the amount of 8 thousand per day per room does not fit into your budget, be sure to visit a local restaurant with a very beautiful design. A cup of coffee there costs 240 rubles, but you can spend time in comfort, lie down in comfortable chairs overlooking the runway. By the way, in the hotel, most of the rooms overlook the planes. I don’t know how it is with soundproofing, but the idea is very cool, I even wanted to try such an unusual accommodation option. The hotel has a spa and pool, but I didn't use it, so I can't tell you the details.

Capsule hotel

There is also a capsule hotel at the Kazan airport. It costs 200 rubles. per hour (minimum 3 hours), we at first wanted to take it to get some sleep, but then we changed our minds. They came to see and were horrified. Uncomfortable lighting for rest, absolutely uncomfortable and non-ergonomic capsules. A space attraction, not a recreation area of ​​privacy and comfort, as advertised.

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Business lounges

< p> Another minus is business halls, they are terrible here. Better go to the restaurant of the Kravt hotel or take a room for the day for this money, get both a spa and a spacious double room. After passport control, there is a duty-free shop with a good choice: they collected Tatar sweets as a gift. Prices are better than in regular airport stores. There are also souvenirs of the football and hockey teams of Kazan.

In general, the impressions are very positive. Modern, compared to other regions of Russia. There was a desire to return to Kazan as a tourist, it is not in vain that they say that the airport is the face of the city.

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