The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region – prices and reviews in 2022

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Kaliningrad attracts tourists with its dissimilarity: it differs from other Russian cities with old buildings in the Gothic style and European flavor. Some walls still found medieval knights, and in some places they still make marzipan and cheese according to the recipe of great-great-grandmother – you need to go, look and try.

In this article we have collected the best excursions in Kaliningrad (reviews were also monitored) : we tell you where to go, what they will show and how much money and time to plan for educational routes.

Prices and descriptions for the best excursions in Kaliningrad

We have included the best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region in a concise table. In a nutshell: the first three are the minimum program for those who are for the first time, the rest are for seasoned, gourmets and those who take the most out of vacation.

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Title Price Tour Description
Overview of Kaliningrad 950 rubles Top most photogenic sights of the old and modern city
A trip to the Curonian Spit 1300 rubles A full day trip to discover Zen: the Curonian Spit on the deserted Baltic coast, the heights of Müller and Efa, Nesselbeck Castle and the city of Zelenogradsk
Amber Route 9000 rubles Private excursion for 3 people along the tracks of the ancient trade route, along which amber was delivered from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. Interesting for children too!
Boat trip 600 rubles Ride the boat around the center and hear all about fishing places Kaliningrad and some sights on the way
Medieval castles and churches 2000 rubles Excursion-remembrance of brave knights, missionary priests, princesses and dragons (what if?:))
Walk in the historical districts 1000 rubles A walking tour of Amalienau and two neighboring districts to touch the Prussian heritage of Kaliningrad
Mystical Könisberg 5100 rubles For those who like to tickle their nerves and hear about evil spirits: ghosts, brownies and all sorts of mystical
Tales of the old city 2600 rubles Unusual excursion – a game of cat paths and fairy tales
Along the forts and bastions 980 rubles Kaliningrad is like an indestructible fortress city: barracks, underground passages and other military stuff
Gastronomic 1690 rubles All the most delicious was collected here: marzipan, beer, cheese and chocolate (with tastings, of course)

Where is it better to buy excursions in Kaliningrad?

All the most popular excursions in Kaliningrad can be peeped on two sites:

  • Tripster
  • Satellite8

These are the two main services with the services of Russian-speaking guides in any corner of Russia and the world (somehow we took a tour in Russian there in Mexico!). Walks, trips, entertaining fact-checking are offered both by professional guides, who seem to have been born with a history textbook, and by local residents who are simply in love with their hometown.

It is convenient to select options in a couple of clicks: there are overview, unusual, architectural, gastronomic and even equestrian. Tourist reviews will help to highlight the best excursions in Kaliningrad: under the most interesting dozens of “thank you, the time has flown by unnoticed and we will be back again” and full-fledged detailed responses. Prices for excursions in 2022 start from 000 rubles.

Next is an explanatory note for each excursion from the top 10 on our list: about how much it costs, what sights of Kaliningrad are included, how long it takes and what they write in the reviews.

Kaliningrad sightseeing

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

What usually begins acquaintance with a new city. There are options for excursions with a visit only to the historical center, but we recommend that you also include an overview of modern sights – for the sake of completeness. The program includes all the most basic things: Königsberg Castle, the Amalienau area, the King's Gate, the Fish Village, the Kneiphof Island and much more, everywhere they will give time to take photos or just admire in tranquility. Along the way, they will tell you how to explore Kaliningrad on your own (but you can also prepare according to our guide article), and they will advise which coffee shop has delicious marzipan for dessert.

Tip: evening Kaliningrad, when all the buildings are lit with warm lights, takes place in a slightly more romantic atmosphere.

Prices: group – from 800 rubles, individual – from 2500 rubles.

< p>Duration: 3–4 hours.

Reviews: “By the end of the tour, you will know as much as if you have lived in Kaliningrad since childhood!”< /p>

Curonian Spit

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The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

One-day excursion from Kaliningrad to the coast of the Baltic Sea. If we had to choose ONE excursion in Kaliningrad, then for us it would be it. Because you can get to know the city at random, without a plan, and you need to get to the Curonian Spit, firstly, which is dreary by public transport, and secondly, you can’t embrace it on foot.

Of course, the main highlight of the spit is the white sandy northern beach. If you find yourself here early, you will be lucky to take a walk and take pictures against the background of the sea, and not other vacationers. In the afternoon in the season here, hmm, like in the Chinese market. The tour usually includes a visit to the heights of Efa and Müller – sand dunes that are 40-60 meters high, so get ready for climbing and descending stairs.

Excursion to the Curonian Spit from Kaliningrad includes a pit stop in Zelenogradsk, a pleasant coastal town. Once it was called a royal resort, but now there is a cult of cats: there is a traffic light for the tailed ones, the position of a cat chef, the Murarium Museum, the mustachioed-striped ones themselves are painted on the walls instead of indecent inscriptions. Also in the programs there is a stop at Nesselbeck Castle – this is a remake, recreated according to medieval drawings.

Tips: 1) prepare an additional 300 rubles for the environmental fee of the Curonian Spit; the famous “Dancing Forest” with curved pines is closed for reconstruction, tourists will be able to get inside from the beginning of the season – 2022. the best memories of the Kaliningrad region!

Prices:group — from 1200 rubles, individual — from 5500 rubles.

Duration: 6–9 hours.

Reviews: « Not only learn the history, but also breathe in the sea air and even get a little tan.”

The Amber Path

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Deciphering: a whole mosaic of coastal cities in one bottle. In one day you can see:

  • the city of warships Baltiysk (formerly called Pillau), which is now the westernmost point on the map of Russia. On the embankment it will be possible to feed the swans (but not with harmful bread – they follow the figures) and listen to the monuments to Peter I and his daughter Elizabeth, the fortress-citadel and the lighthouse;
  • if the road is open (after a heavy rain it blurs) – stop by to the art village Witland. Once upon a time, the Amber Road began here, along which local stones were delivered straight to the crown of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. There will be time to drink tea on the seashore;
  • Yantarny village– the one where 90% of the world's amber reserves are still located and where it is mined on an industrial scale. Together with your guide, you will figure out how to distinguish real stones from fake ones, take a picture at the Tulip Tree. There are also two beaches with the “Blue Flag” – remember the locations to sunbathe in the summer;
  • the green resort town of Svetlogorsk, which is definitely worth a trip from Kaliningrad, will delight you with old Prussian villas, Lutheran churches (churches) and a peaceful promenade along the embankment.

Price: individual — 7000–8000 rubles for a group of up to 3 people on Tripster; group is more profitable on Satellite.

Duration: 8 hours.

Reviews:“Informative combo of the iconic places of the Kaliningrad region to see a lot in a limited time.”

Sightseeing on the ship

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

A boat trip “Kaliningrad-Kenigsberg” is the same sightseeing tour of Kaliningrad, but the view from the water. You don’t have to walk – in warm weather, sit on the open deck, in winter – in a closed cabin under a cozy blanket issued – and listen to a guide or an audio guide (depending on the ship). The walk will casually touch upon the sights of Kaliningrad, past which the ship will sail, but the main focus on fishing places is the port, the fleet, the fishing village, the ocean museum.

Price: 600 rubles.


Duration: 1 hour.

Reviews:“Short, inexpensive, unobtrusive and somehow more romantic from the water.”

Medieval castles and churches

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

The tour of the remnants of Prussian historical luxury is a year-round popular trip around the city and the Kaliningrad region. The tour includes the cities of Chernyakhovsk, Gvardeysk and several villages. And the excursion jewels include the remains of the Teutonic Order: the castles of Insterburg, Georgenburg and Tapiau. In the Middle Ages, they belonged to wealthy knights, now they are mostly structures at the end of their greatness, but with a beautiful history.

Churches (Arnau, Heiligenwalde), St. Bruno's Church and other prayer places are a bonus, all beautifully restored and working.

Prices: group – from 1790 rubles, individual – from 6500 rubles .

Duration: 6-7 hours.

Reviews: “Informative and informative for lovers of architectural and religious antiquities.”

Spirit of old Könisberg

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Wear comfortable shoes – you will walk a lot in the atmospheric old center. They will show three historical districts – Hufen, Luizenval and Amalienau, in order to understand how Prussian guys with thick wallets lived before joining the USSR. There will be many preserved charming houses with tiled roofs, gabled churches, castles, photogenic beauty and interesting stories about who lived here, when and what they remember.

Here are the varieties offered in Kaliningrad:

  • The spirit of old Königsberg
  • Amalienau: present and past
  • Inspirational Amalienau

Prices: group — from 700 rubles, individual – from 1200 rubles.

Duration: 2–3.5 hours.

Reviews: « Saturated route, many, many facts about the past. Suitable even for those who are not the first time in Kaliningrad – you will learn a lot of new things.

Mystical Könisberg

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< p>The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Everything goosebumps was collected here: mysterious abandoned buildings, riddle symbols on old houses, monuments that come to life, ghosts, brownies and mermaids. Everything related to astrology, the development of psychological weapons, underground labyrinths under dilapidated forts is also here. And the appropriate entourage and adrenaline will be added by this tour of NIGHT Kaliningrad. It sounds creepy, in fact it will be interesting and non-trivial.

Price: 5100 rubles for a group of up to 4 people.

Duration: 3 hours.

Reviews: “An unusual route to discover the city from the “spooky” side, wander through the ruins and learn little-known facts.”

Tales of the old town

The best excursions in Kaliningrad in 2022 include a walk in an unusual format: the guide tells from the history of Kaliningrad through customs, fairy tales and stories about cats and draws you into a dialogue in a playful manner. Look at the sculpture of a learned cat, walk along the “cat stream” from which medieval knights and their horses drank, pet the cat Lyamurka in the Fish Village – just a paradise for cat lovers. The rest will also be informative: the guide will show the house in which the writer Ernst Hoffmann, who invented the Nutcracker, excavations of the royal castle, was born, he will remember the Rurikovichs and “Michelangelo in a skirt”. Sounds intriguing.

Price: 2600 rubles for a group of up to 7 people.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Reviews: “Must-have to get kids off their smartphone.”

Forts and ramparts

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Did you know that Könisberg was for centuries a fortress city that no one could conquer until the middle of the 20th century? All these bastions, barracks, forts, underground passages and other defensive fortifications – the boys will like it. The walk starts from the Lithuanian Wall and ends in one of the city's forts. Recommendation: wear comfortable shoes, take a flashlight or better charge your phone.

Note: entrance to the forts is paid separately (50–250 rubles).

Prices: group — from 980 rubles, individual — from 4000 rubles.

Duration: 4–5 hours.

Reviews : “After the tour, you'll want to re-read the entire Wikipedia and explore the remaining forts and bastions of Kaliningrad.”


The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Excursion, before which it is necessary to get hungry. While your guide tells you about authentic cuisine and national dishes of Prussia, visit the marzipan museum near the Brandenburg Gate, then one of the oldest breweries in Kaliningrad, where beer is still brewed according to medieval recipes (keep this place in mind when you go to dinner on your own). Then, by bus, go out of town to Schaaken Castle, near which there is a family cheese factory and a chocolate factory.

Note: the tasting set is paid separately, for adults – 900 rubles (all inclusive) , for children — 300 rubles (marzipan and chocolate).

Price:1690 rubles per person, the group is small.

Duration: 6 hours.

Reviews: “Gourmets are delighted, gastronomic pleasure is guaranteed – everything is not only informative, but also tasty!”

What is worth seeing on your own in 1-2 days?

City tours can be arranged without the help of a guide: we mark the necessary points in the navigator and look for historical reports through “Okay, Google”. It is quite possible to get around all the worthy places worth visiting in Kaliningrad with a leisurely step in one or two days.

It is customary for tourists to start a walk in the old center from the Cathedral on Kant Island, then breathe the fresh river breeze in Rybnaya village. Then, according to the plan, the old gates of Koenigsberg and the rich villas of Amalienau. For a snack – we will enlighten ourselves in the museums of amber and the World Ocean. You can read more about what to visit in Kaliningrad here.

Where to go from Kaliningrad?

The best tours in Kaliningrad and the region &mdash ; prices and reviews in 2022

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

You can enjoy the Prussian heritage in the capital of the region for a couple of days, and then you should go out of town and see the nature and architecture of other places. We tell you in a nutshell where to go from Kaliningrad, within 100 km:

  • Zelenogradsk — pet cats and replenish your “Photo” folder with hundreds of atmospheric shots against the backdrop of old German mansions + it’s convenient to get to the Curonian Spit from here on your own.
  • Svetlogorsk — hide in the shade of pine trees in hot weather, feel serenity and listen to an organ concert in the Catholic chapel.
  • Chernyakhovsk — wander through the ruins of the Insterburg castle and look into the entrances of old houses.
  • Baltiysk — take a selfie against the backdrop of ships in the strait and check in at the westernmost geolocation in Russia.
  • Amber – grab a swimsuit and swim in the Baltic Sea (but do not forget that this is not the Maldives – the water invigorates like hitting your little finger on furniture).
  • … and 10 more (!) destinations – this is such an interesting Kaliningrad region.

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Where to go with children in Kaliningrad?

If the children get bored while visiting the tenth architectural monument, and the facts about the Middle Ages begin to yawn, we suggest going to the Kaliningrad Zoo – it is one of the three in Russia that has the title of historical. You can also look at animals in the nursery of the Botanical Garden, and in the Museum of the World Ocean there are aquariums with living inhabitants. It is also worth going with young tourists to the Amber Museum, where special master classes and quests are organized for children. And the best attractions and places for family picnics are in Central Park and Yunost Park.

Finally, the best excursions in Kaliningrad (+ price in 2022 per group) to keep the child interested:

  • Fairy tales of the old town and cat paths — 2600 rubles
  • Search for homlin gnomes — 5900 rubles
  • Quest about bulls and bison — 3500 rubles

Where can tourists stay in Kaliningrad?

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

The best excursions in Kaliningrad and the region — prices and reviews in 2022

Certainly, jumping on a bus that will take you to the best excursions in Kaliningrad is more convenient and time-saving in the city center. We will leave you a table of classy hotels, there is no more central place:

Title What's good? Price per night for a double room
4* Holiday Inn There are rooms with a river view and panoramic windows, you can check in with animals. Good cuisine in a restaurant, close to sights From 8000 rubles
4* Kaiserhof Located right in the Fishing Village, there is indoor pool. Be sure to try sprats and stroganina in the restaurant – they are praised in reviews From 7800 rubles
5* Radisson Blu Quiet hotel with speaking name. The rooms have a coffee machine to get over the breakup with Starbucks, and on the floors there are massage chairs From 9000 rubles

More options We have collected housing from apartments (mind you, without grandma's Khrushchevs!) to glamping right on the Curonian Spit in a separate article.

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