The Best Natural Parks in Bolivia

The Best Natural Parks in Bolivia

Bolivia offers visitors places to admire in the middle of nature to enjoy the best biodiversity and indigenous culture. (Photo via Collette Vacations).

Bolivia is a country rich in nature and one of the favorites for biodiversity lovers. Its government-protected forests and jungles are ideal for those looking for experiences in places full of flora and fauna.

Here are some of the most important national parks that travelers should not miss:

El Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flat) National Park

This is a favorite place for local and international travelers. Its attraction is that it is considered the largest salt desert in the world and one of the highest above sea level because it is located in the Andes.

El Salar de Uyuni is surrounded by salt which makes it a spectacular site for photography. Throughout the daylight changes the colors of the landscape and makes the visitor enjoy an exceptional experience. On this site, there is the famous salt hotel that was built with this element of nature. To reach this place, visitors can travel to the province of Daniel Campos and from there move to the department of Potosí.

Toro Toro National Park

This Bolivian government-protected area is located in the province of Charcas, a town easily accessible from La Paz, the country’s capital. Among the great biodiversity that tourists can find in this lush place is the Andean cat, also known by the inhabitants as Titi, in addition to many other endemic species.

The Best Natural Parks in Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia is considered the largest salt desert in the world and one of the highest above sea level. (Photo via O.T.W./iStock/Getty Images Plus).

Sajama National Park

It is located near the border with Chile and is characterized by its cold weather because it is part of the fabulous Andes mountain range, making it a spectacular site for lovers of wildlife and photography. Visitors can tour the trails of the Keñua Forest, which is one of the richest in natural life where explorers can admire a variety of species of flora and fauna. To get to this place tourists have to travel to the province of Cercado.

Isiboro-Sécure National Park

This beautiful place is located in the indigenous area of Bolivia and is part of the lush jungle of the Amazon River. To visit it is necessary to have an expert guide for the safety of tourists and to know better the nature and the attractions that the area offers. One of the most emblematic places of this place is the Mamoré River, as well as the Isiboro River, and the Bolivian Lagoon, where the tourist can find very abundant flora and fauna such as jaguars and deers, among others. This place is located in the area of Beni and Cochabamba and can be reached by plane or road.

The Best Natural Parks in Bolivia

Many of Bolivia’s national parks are located in the lush Amazon area. Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / DC_Colombia).

Noel Kempff National Park

In this extraordinary place the visitor can enjoy natural wonders such as the Fawcett Falls, and Rainbow Falls where, in addition to the beauty they offer, they are surrounded by fields with orchids, palm trees, and large rainforest vegetation. Some animals living in the region are jaguars, eagles, cougars, and snakes. To get there visitors can take a plane to the Autonomous Department of Santa Cruz, which shares territory with Brazil and Paraguay.

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