The Chinese spoil everything: a review of a holiday in Thailand

The Chinese spoil everything: a review of a holiday in Thailand

Colm Britton “We were really looking forward to our vacation and our long-awaited meeting with Thailand, everything was planned in advance. The tour was bought before the Chinese New Year, this is very important! We bought 10 days of rest in Bandara Phuket Beach Resort 4 * for 163 thousand, for breakfast. Check the prices now – they will surprise you unpleasantly! Even from Moscow, the cheapest way to fly to Thailand is via Shanghai, as there are a huge number of budget flights from there. China has officially allowed its citizens to leave the country, and now Thailand will cost a lot more, and many Asian destinations will rise in price. What can I say, even in our country, holidays will become very expensive this year because of the Chinese.” Thailand today – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Irina Zhernovkova.1/1

First things first

We managed to take a tour cheaper, before this insane influx, but we could not defend ourselves from the queues and crowds. But first things first. We booked the tour 2 months before the trip, we took cash dollars with us, there are no problems with buying foreign currency in Moscow. They changed it in the city, I will note a few nuances. If you change large bills of 100 dollars, then the rate is better. Russian Unionpay cards are not the most reliable source of money, they do not work always and not everywhere. Many vacationers at our hotel grabbed these cards, from Gazprombank and Post Bank, it seems, and they never managed to pay, the withdrawal limit is very small. And do not try to bring rubles to Tai: many have read the forums and think that it is easy to change rubles here, in fact, the ruble exchange rate here is to hug and cry.


The “four” Bandara Phuket Beach Resort is a very good option for a holiday, if not for the mass arrival of the Chinese. Breakfast ends before it starts, the food is eaten in half an hour, and everything that is not eaten, the Chinese usually take with them. Huge queues to the restaurant – and to the toilet (which is understandable). What pleases, the citizens of China are not very fond of beach holidays, 10-15 minutes on the beach in the evening or in cloudy weather is the maximum for them. The beach is at your disposal, clean, beautiful, located in the bay. 1/1

The bar has happy hours, good deals on discounts on alcoholic drinks. The main thing is to keep an eye on the scoreboard at the bar, they post offers there every day, it turns out really profitable, cheaper than in the city.

The number is excellent! Jacuzzi overlooking the garden, large bed, balcony, cleanliness. We were given a deluxe room without any extra charge (probably just because we are not Chinese). The territory is beautiful and well-groomed, around the jungle. There is an infinity pool, but there you already know who constantly occupy all the sunbeds, yelling and littering. So we didn't really swim in the pool.

The hotel is away from all the civilization and traffic of Phuket, but this is only a plus. There are several massage parlors with reasonable prices, there are a couple of cafes, in the evening even a couple of macaroons come with all sorts of snacks. By the way, do not go to small massage parlors, but go to normal spa centers, the prices are practically the same. Yes, they can offer a bunch of other services, but you say that for you – only massage, and you will relax in comfort, and not behind a screen by the road.1/1

Fruits are sold at every turn, delicious, juicy, sweet. The most delicious are those that are already overripe, they can be bought already cut in a jar. If you are going to buy with you, be sure to specify when you are going to eat: a day or two or take it with you, the merchant will select the fruit for you according to the degree of maturity.

Thailand is beautiful, but, unfortunately, now it will be very difficult to find good hotels for an adequate price. I really hope to return to this country in the fall, when the main excitement for travel subsides.

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