The cost of the vacation was pleasantly pleased: a review of Abkhazia

The cost of the vacation was pleasantly pleased: a review of Abkhazia

Aleksander Karpenko, Shutterstock Reader of the “Subtleties of Tourism” Andrey Ignatiev had a rest in the village of Ldzaa in Abkhazia at the end of summer 2022 and called this place “a great option for a reboot.” “This is an excellent place for a large family to relax: there are no noisy parties, clubs, big restaurants with loud music. Many choose Ldzaa for a peaceful pastime, ”says Andrey.

I chose this particular place for two reasons

Firstly, here are the cleanest beaches in Abkhazia: this is one of the few places where there is a long pebble beach. The sea was clear every day. Secondly, there is a large pine grove. In front of the beach there are trees that are over 200 years old. Each of them is numbered and is under strict protection. In the heat, you can hide in the shade of pine trees, enjoy the healing air. There are drinking fountains on the territory, but there are no other amenities on the beach. There are two cafes, but I personally did not use their services: the prices seemed too high to me. Perhaps this is due to the lack of competition.

The way to the sea was about 15 minutes. There is no dedicated sidewalk for pedestrians in the village, which is not very convenient. But on the way there are two shops: a supermarket and an ordinary stall. Most of the goods are Russian, but there are also products from Turkey. From the local, I noticed only lemonades, which turned out to be very tasty. 1/1

We stopped at a place called “Vine”

< p>Since there were 4 of us, we decided to rent a house. Initially, the price seemed too high to us (5000 RUB per day). But I asked how much it costs to rent a slightly better house at the other end of the village. It turned out that the price was twice as high. We gave up some amenities, but managed to save money. The house had a small kitchen, a refrigerator. Nearby on the street there was a table at which we had breakfast and dinner.

It was stuffy inside the house even at night. They promised to give us a fan, but they never did.

What did we do besides going to the beach?

First of all, we went to New Athos. Public transport in the village is poor, but we had no alternatives. The duration of the trip was about an hour, the cost was 200 RUB. Upon arrival, the driver said that he would be waiting for us at 19:00 at the same place.

In New Athos, everyone must visit the underground caves. This is a huge karst cavity, discovered only in 1961. I went underground in a trailer, on a kind of subway. Down went down for a long time, a few minutes. There is no need to go on such an excursion in a T-shirt and shorts, since the temperature in the New Athos caves is about +16 °C. The underground cavity is divided into several large zones, the guide talks about each in detail. Of the minuses, I will single out poor lighting. Because of it, some parts of the cave are hard to see, you have to strain your eyes.

Then I took a walk in the city park: an interesting place, there is a pond with swans, pens with animals, ponies walk. Stubborn women who offer to tell fortunes for money spoil the atmosphere a little. 1/1

The other day I visited Pitsunda

You can get to it by taxi in a few minutes from the village, the cost is about 50 RUB. Pitsunda is a small resort town. Opposite the public transport stop is the entrance to the 19th century fortress. But I did not go inside, the cost seemed too high to me. But I liked the Pitsunda city embankment: beautiful, green. Many take pictures next to the Divers fountain, this is the hallmark of the city.


Rest in the village of Ldzaa left a lot of positive emotions: I liked the clean beach with a pine grove, and a large selection of attractions nearby, and a calm atmosphere, the opportunity to relax from the bustle of a big city.

I was pleased with the cost of the vacation: I expected to spend more. The lion's share of the budget went to accommodation, but it was divided among several people. Approximately 5 thousand per week was spent on groceries, plus I spent about 6 thousand more on excursions and two trips to a cafe.

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