The Estonian government approved from August 18 the restriction of the entry of Russians into the country

Tourist visas previously issued by Estonia to Russian citizens are cancelled. 9df228c.jpg” alt=”The Estonian government has approved restrictions on the entry of Russians into the country since August 18″ />

The Estonian government has approved a sanction restricting the issuance of visas to Russian citizens and prohibiting entry into Estonia to Russian citizens who have a visa issued by Estonia and intend to visit the republic for the purpose of tourism, business, sports or culture.

” This means that if a Russian citizen, to whom Estonia has issued a Schengen visa and whose purpose of visiting is tourism, business, sports or culture, arrives at the border crossings of Narva, Luhamaa or Koidula, then from next Thursday he will no longer be able to enter Estonia. government press service reported on Friday.

The government has clarified that Russian citizens who have been issued a visa by another Schengen country or who are already in the Schengen area can enter Estonia. The lawfulness of entry into the country or its absence is checked and ensured by the Police and Border Guard Department.

The application for an Estonian visa is also limited. It can only be obtained by those Russian citizens who come to visit an Estonian citizen residing in Estonia; 

 or a close relative living in Estonia with a long-term residence permit (for example, daughter, son, mother, father); 

 Russian diplomats and their families;  ;

International trade employees working in Estonia and workers involved in passenger transport


 persons who can travel on the basis of European Union law

 and those to whom Estonia considers the issuance of a visa justified on humane grounds.

In addition, the sanction imposed on Russian students on July 30, 2022 has been changed.

Students from Russia who did not manage to complete their studies on time may, as an exception, apply for extension of the residence permit for one year so that they can complete their studies here. To do this, you must submit an application for an extension of the residence permit to the Police and Border Guard Board.

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