The expert called the least harmful fast food – it came from the Arabs (but this is not accurate)

The expert named the least harmful fast food — it came from the Arabs (but this is not accurate)

Thousands of articles have been written about the harmful effects of fast food and hundreds of stories have been filmed. Scientists, nutritionists, nutritionists do not cease to argue against burgers and grilled wings. Some enthusiasts shoot entire films, where they show by their own example what will happen to a person with regular consumption of fast food.

Not only harmful, but also useful

Despite all the evidence base, people continue to gobble up fast food with enviable enthusiasm. Cheap, satisfying, fast, and in some places also tasty – these arguments are difficult to interrupt even by authoritative studies. Nutrition experts and other experts are powerless to persuade people to completely refuse such food, but they can still recommend the least harmful options. The safest fast food according to current data came to us from the depths of time. This is the well-known shawarma. It is believed that its ancestor was the Greek gyros, in the Middle Ages it was prepared by the Persians, Arabs and Turks, and in the modern version in 1972 it was invented by Kadyr Nurman, a German businessman of Turkish origin.

In each region, shawarma has its own name: shawarma, kebab, shvarma, doner, pita-durum, karsi-khorovats, kebabas, turk-kabob …

Cheap, satisfying, fast, and sometimes also tasty – these arguments are hard to beat even by authoritative studies on the dangers of fast food.

The subtleties of shawarma

In essence, shawarma is just vertically grilled (meaning without oil) meat with vegetables and bread. You can’t imagine healthier if you don’t get carried away with fried food. All the harm lies in the sauces. Gastroenterologist, nutritionist and culinary blogger Nuria Dianova says that shawarma is a much more balanced food compared to burgers and pizza. In addition, it is collected immediately at the buyer, so you can control the composition.

Another “neutral” fast food dish is a burger. If you break it down into components, you get the same meat with lettuce and vegetables. But there is an important condition – the cutlet must be made from high-quality minced meat. But this is just impossible to check when buying in institutions. But burgers can be cooked at home on their own from good products. True, it will already be quite a cooking, and not fast food.

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