The guest is always right: how and why animators are punished

The guest is always right: how and why animators are punished

Looking at the provocative fit animators somewhere in a Turkish hotel, many people think: this is someone who has a dust-free job. Smile, have fun, enjoy the resort life – and even get money for living in an excellent hotel on the seashore for several weeks in a row. However, this profession only at first glance may seem easy and carefree. “Subtleties” were convinced of this by examining a document leaked to the Web, which describes the prohibitions imposed on animators. Some of them are bewildering, and some are a real shock.


The fact that animators are forbidden under pain of dismissal to drink alcohol or, even worse, drugs, will not surprise anyone. But it turns out that they are not even allowed to smoke in front of visitors or speak rudely in the presence of guests and hotel employees (the fact that you actually have a non-working day today is not an argument at all). Under the ban and conversations on certain topics. It is strictly forbidden to touch on sex, religion, politics, national issues, personal problems and problems of the hotel: there is nothing to spoil the rest of the guests. It is also not recommended to discuss salary, including with colleagues.

The main three rules that animators must obey are “the guest is always right”, “always smile” and the “five minute rule”. look and talk through your teeth, get ready for sanctions. The same is true if you make vacationers wait (read: you are not there five minutes before the start of the event).

It sounds wildly demanding not to use a mobile phone for personal purposes while working, not to leave the territory of the hotel without the consent of the boss and not to appear in public in a form that “damages the image of the company” (and what if it’s about your new T-shirt with a cool slogan or your favorite miniskirt?)

And the consequences

What threatens violators of these requirements? Reprimands, fines up to 50 USD for misconduct – and with an average salary of 700 USD, this is noticeable, even like extraordinary entrances, that is, meeting guests at breakfasts or dinners with a story about the animation program, accompanying tourists in disco tours (and who wants to get up early and come back late?). An extreme measure is the termination of the contract and the deprivation of wages for the last month. However, despite all the harshness described above, the work of an animator is still popular among young people. Some see it as the only opportunity to spend the whole summer abroad and at the same time earn extra money, while others are attracted by constant communication and a sea of ​​new acquaintances. And for others, this is a great opportunity to realize their creative potential and just have a fun summer.

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