The hotel is very worn out, but we are not getting younger either: a review of a popular hotel in Hurghada

The hotel is very worn out, but we are not getting any younger: a review of a popular hotel in Hurghada reader Alexander, when he was going on vacation, was looking for the most budget option. “But I didn’t want to choose anything, so you can ruin your whole vacation. The best proven hotel, the pros and cons of which have already been described by our tourists in the reviews up and down. Among such popular ones, we found Le Pacha Resort 4 * in Hurghada. We rested there in the distant and happy 2013, our friends and acquaintances were also there more than once.” About what has changed in the most popular hotel among Russians for almost 10 years – in Alexander's detailed review.

The hotel is still good

And it fully justifies its four stars. I will try to describe in as much detail as possible all the nuances of the rest. And according to prices for November, this is the situation: a voucher – 61 thousand for two for 8 nights, they took 300 USD in cash with them for small expenses and excursions. Tour operator Tez Tour, flight by the airline “I Fly”. I flew with them for the first time: a regular charter, with a delay of 2 hours, which is quite acceptable in the current situation, without food, even though it takes 6.5 hours to fly.

On the same dates, friends from St. Petersburg were going with us, but their tours cost 2 times more, so it was more profitable for them to come by train to us and fly out of Vnukovo.1/1

Food at the hotel is quite the same

< p>But no disorders or poisoning. Many dishes are cooked in front of you, followed by a small queue, no longer than 2-3 minutes. There were grilled squids, dorado was served a couple of times. Bottled beer is very good, there is local alcohol, something similar to Turkish brandy, some kind of anise. Acid flower cocktails are made with vodka: I have not tried it, my wife says they are disgusting. There are shops and McDonalds outside the territory, if you miss McFlurry, then welcome.

No internet in the hotel! Only at the reception and only text messages in instant messengers. The wife thought that she had reached Instagram without a VPN, but it didn’t work :)

Well done to the staff, this applies to everyone

90% of the staff are Russian-speaking, many speak excellently, they even tell jokes. They didn’t beg for money, at first they win you over, and then it’s impossible to refuse a tip. The animators just made our vacation 100%! Humor is fully adapted to our tourists. Funny shows, various activities during the day. And all this is done by one team, no other artists were invited.

In the evenings, discotheques, usually everything until 22:00, and then everyone who wanted to, the animators invited to the city for parties until the morning; we didn't go. I'm surprised how these guys dance all day in the hotel, then in the club until the morning, and in the morning they already do aqua gymnastics :) Ah, youth, where are my 16 years…1/1< ul class="neo-gallery__list">

The rooms are clean, the furniture is at least

< p>The bed is a little creaky and the pillows are flat, but these are minor details. The main thing is clean, normal plumbing, there are all the necessary household trifles: clothes dryer, shampoo, slippers, as many as 4 sockets in the room (usually there is a shortage with them on vacation). We had a “standard” room overlooking the garden – of course, there was no garden, so there was a patio and a few palm trees, but we did not come to sit on the balcony.

Beach for 3+, but great for Hurghada

The pier has fish, some corals, colorful algae, for 3-4 days there is definitely something to see. You won’t be able to swim much: you can’t swim to the depth, the buoys are installed very close and this is strictly monitored. Although the beach is clean, fragments of corals often come across at a depth, it is better not to walk without slippers.

There were enough sun loungers for everyone, although they were a little hackneyed, but not broken. And the mattresses are thick and comfortable. .jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

The hotel is very worn out, but we are not getting younger either: a review of a popular hotel in Hurghada

We went on an excursion on a yacht

The most budget option is 25 USD per person with fishing without lunch. I never tried to dine during excursions (I don’t trust local chefs), and after the case of tourists being poisoned with alcohol, I try not to drink cocktails there. They took a package of beer with them, loaded it into the refrigerator, no problem.

In conclusion, I will say this

Yes, the hotel is old and simple, but the atmosphere here is very cool, comfortable. Compared to 2013, the hotel is very worn out – but we are not getting any younger either. From the tips: definitely take slippers and masks with you, everything is killed here for rent, and buying is very expensive and of poor quality. Take sticks and electronic cigarettes with you, the locals even buy them themselves, there is a shortage with them. I would never have thought that in a country where hookah is smoked everywhere, there would be a need for such a product. There are no sunscreens here, although a protection factor of 50 or 80 is written, in fact it does not protect at all. And the quality is terrible, sticky smelly slurry.

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1/ 1

A few tips

  1. Taxi drivers are cunning, better make friends with someone from the staff and ask to order a car for you. You can arrange a round trip, for example, he will pick you up at the same place where he left, in exactly one hour.
  2. Do not believe the guides of the tour operator that your insurance supposedly covers only excursions from the tour operator. This is not true. Read the terms and conditions in the policy and be calm. But keep in mind that if you have consumed alcohol, then insurance is not valid in almost 100% of cases, even if you are on site. By the way, there are no additional insurances: if you ride ATVs and you are offered to take extra for 2-3 USD. insurance, don't believe it.
  3. Feel free to say “no” to beach vendors, just a straight “no”. We had a case in the hotel when the tourists answered the massage therapist: “not today, maybe tomorrow.” And the next day, he made a scandal that they did not come for a massage and owe him money for the reservation.
  4. On the market, be careful with the sellers: you buy one, they take it away to wrap it in a package, and then it turns out to be completely other. Better ask not to wrap. They also overweight very much, if you take something by weight, watch the hands of the seller.

Despite everything I wrote above, we like to relax in Egypt. Hotel Le Pacha Resort 4 * I definitely advise, you just need to know some of the local features.

The East is a delicate matter :) Don't relax!

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