The law “On the Procedure for Departure from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation” was adopted

How will the restriction on Russians traveling abroad be implemented? -vezda-v-rossijskuju-federaciju-78adce5.jpg” alt=”The law “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation” was adopted” />

On Tuesday, May 23, deputies of the State Duma adopted in the third, final, reading amendments to the Federal Law “On the Procedure for Departure from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation.” The main innovations relate to the procedure for handling foreign passports. In particular, the list of cases when a document is declared invalid is specified. The basis for this may be signs of forgery detected by the competent authorities, for example, there will be a suspicion that the passport is printed on a fake form. Moreover, how exactly the authenticity checks will be carried out should be decided separately by the Russian government.

One ​​of the new norms will affect men of military age who are not in the reserve and in respect of whom the draft board has decided on call for service, including alternative. Now the draft age in Russia is from 18 to 27, but there is a bill in the State Duma that provides for its gradual increase.

Those called up for service were previously required to submit documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but now it is specified how long they must do this.

According to the draft law, in  in the event of an appeal, “the passport within within five working days from the date of bringing to the owner of the passport the decision to restricting the right of a citizen of the Russian Federation to departure from the Russian Federation shall be transferred for storage until  temporary restriction or expiration of its validity to the state body that issued the passport. If there is more than one international passport, this will apply to all issued documents.

Such a measure is a logical continuation of the amendments on electronic subpoenas, which were adopted about a month ago, says Persona Grata CEO ”and the founder of the telegram channel “Legal News – TOURISM” Georgy Mokhov.

“This bill is more of a technical nature and is aimed primarily at those who are subject to conscription for military service. As follows from the law on electronic subpoenas, the restrictions are placed on leaving the country country after seven days, and this restriction is removed after appearing in the military enlistment office. Since receiving a summons does not automatically mean a call for military service. However, in the case of a decision on conscription, the restriction on traveling to the country will be implemented in a different way -by depositing a foreign passport     explained Georgy Mokhov.

A similar procedure applies to the documents of those citizens who are the bearer of state secrets and other secret information. True, they are getting tougher. After receiving information about the restriction on leaving the country, these citizens are also required to hand over their passport to the authorities or to the organization with which the labor contract has been concluded within five days. Moreover, the punishment for non-compliance with this requirement is quite severe: if the passport is not handed over on time, you can say goodbye to it – the document will automatically be invalidated.

Amendments will be made to the law only after they are approved by the Federation Council and signed by the President. Apparently, they will not affect the fall draft of 2023, since they will enter into force 180 days after the official publication. today and and has virtually no depth. However, closer to  autumn, one can expect a decrease in bookings of tours abroad from citizens of military age, who, in theory, can receive a summons. However, such an effect would have been without the adoption of a law on the need to submit a passport to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, experts say. In any case, while we are talking about conscription for military service.

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