The main advantages of rest in the Belokurikha resort

During the years of Soviet power, Belokurikha turned into a real health resort, if not of the all-Union, then at least of the Siberian scale. Today, Belokurikha continues to grow and develop, although no one says that the local radon sources have already dried up and now the Belokurikha sanatoriums work on imported radon, but at least it is natural, not artificial, and this pleases.

Belokurikha is located in a unique place – in the valley of the Altai foothills, so there is a special microclimate here. The resort is warm in winter and not hot in summer. Therefore, in Belokurikha you can relax all year round. Now the resort is being actively developed as a place for skiing, even Belokurikha-2 is being built for this.  From Novosibirsk to Belokurikha, a transfer is very popular today as the easiest and fastest way to get to this unique place from the metropolis.

The main advantages of rest in the Belokurikha resort

I recently spent a weekend in Belokurikha. This helped me understand whether it is worth going here for 2-3 weeks, as local doctors strongly advise. I lived in the sanatorium Rodnik Altai, he impressed me so much that I will write a separate article about him. In the meantime, about the resort itself.

Belokurikha's advantages:

Some tourists often call Belokurikha Russian Davos. Such a comparison involves finding similar components in terms of conditions and climate. However, Belokurikha certainly differs from any other European sought-after resort areas. It is quite comfortable here, since the atmospheric pressure drops are minimal. Thanks to radon waters, effective hydrotherapy procedures are carried out in sanatoriums. As you know, they have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. There are enough such sources in local settlements. Scientists examined the mineral composition of the water and confirmed the presence of beneficial radon. However, such water should be used wisely for medicinal purposes, since an excess of radon is harmful to the human body.

The advantage of this resort is also a lot of comfortable hotels and hotels. At the same time, tourists with different budgets can find a room according to personal preferences. Business hotel “Russia”, for example, is considered one of the most presentable. Wellness services are highly developed here and a well-equipped Wellness Center is located, for lovers of outdoor activities and tourism there are various special means for rent. Hotel “Berkut” is located in a mountainous area, so clean mountain air is considered its special advantage. For lovers of extreme entertainment, there is a ski slope nearby. Tourists can also rent the necessary equipment directly at the hotel. Such traditional spa activities as a sauna and a swimming pool, a phytobarrel with medicinal herbs are also offered to guests. There are also very budget private hotels, which at the same time are distinguished by good conditions and comfortable rooms. 

The main advantages of rest in the Belokurikha resort

The nature of the region is truly unique. In addition to mountain formations and lakes, there are many steppe and forest zones rich in vegetation. Grow in this area, including rare species of medicinal herbs. Flora and fauna in certain natural areas are protected by the state. 

Thus, the Belokurikha resort is distinguished by a high level of service and comfortable hotels for living, the source writes html. There will also be no problems with food here, since in addition to cafes directly in sanatoriums or hotels, there are a large number of inexpensive catering establishments with high-quality cuisine in the city. However, nature is certainly considered the main advantage of Belokurikha. It is thanks to the sources, unique in their composition, that sanatoriums and health resorts are so developed here. The mild climate has a beneficial effect on health. Even ordinary walks along the developed excursion trails will give a lot of positive impressions to tourists. For outdoor enthusiasts, extreme entertainment is provided and ski slopes are equipped, where both beginners and professional athletes can try their hand. 

Enjoy your holiday, friends!

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