The Parliament of Abkhazia increased the fine for walking in swimsuits or naked by 20 times

Violators will pay 6,000 rubles from August 1 hozhdenie-v-kupalnikah-ili-obnazhennom-vide-d6d0670.jpg” alt=”The Parliament of Abkhazia increased the fine for walking in swimsuits or naked 20 times” />

Parliament of Abkhazia amended the Code of Administrative Offenses, increasing the fine for appearing outside the beaches in swimsuits or nude by 20 times.

“Appearance on the streets, stadiums, squares, parks, in all types of public transport and in other public places, except for beaches and places reserved for swimming, in bathing suits or in the nude, entails a fine in the amount of 100 times the minimum wage “, the parliament said in a statement. Previously, the fine was five minimum wages, or 300 rubles.

It is noted that the nude is understood as the complete absence of clothing on the human body or the absence of clothing on his torso.

“The presence of a large number of vacationers and tourists significantly replenishes the budget of Abkhazia, but we must not forget about our national mentality, about educating our youth in the spirit of Apsuara (ethical moral code).Many people who are on vacation with us believe that if they are in a resort, then it is not necessary to pay attention to their appearance, and allow themselves to walk in swimsuits not only on the beaches or in places designated for swimming, but also in public places, and men just go around in shorts, with a bare torso.All this causes indignation not only of the older generation, but also of young people from the local population, since in our society it is not customary to be similarly dressed in public places,” MP Daut Khutaba said when introducing the bill.

The law comes into force on August 1. Before that, the heads of cities and districts must install the necessary information stands. 

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