The rental market is a bunch of scammers: an angry review about the rest in Adler

Rental Market — a bunch of scammers: an angry review of the rest in Adler

Our reader under the nickname ElenaS rested in Adler in September. “I took a treatment course at the Matsesta balneological resort for 2 weeks, costing 14,000 rubles. The program was called “Free Breathing”, it took myself and a 7-year-old child to breathe and improve their health before the season of colds and colds, ”says the tourist. About how difficult it is to find suitable accommodation in the resort – Elena's detailed review.

No complaints about the resort and procedures

This is not the first year we have been here, the effect is really amazing: no illnesses in winter. Resort infrastructure and transport accessibility – 5 points. The train is clean and runs on schedule. Getting to Sochi, the Olympic Park or Rosa Khutor is not difficult. You can do it yourself, there are also many sightseeing tours. The main thing is to take care of the design of the health resort card in advance. You can’t do without it here, and the registration on the spot takes two days and costs 7,000 rubles. 1/1

Many restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget< /h2>

Well-groomed embankments, natural parks, there are phone chargers everywhere, you can take an electric scooter – their parking lots are very competently and thoughtfully located along the route. The sea is clean, and although the weather was not very lucky – it often rained in September – we managed to swim and admire the cloudy seascape.

The main complaint is the hotel base

If you are ready to pay 12-15 thousand rubles a day, then there is no problem: you will live in an excellent European-class hotel. I also do not argue that living on the territory of the sanatorium is comfortable and convenient, although the conditions are not luxury. But there is no control over mini-hotels and guest houses.

And the real estate rental market is generally a bunch of scammers!1/1

Telling a story

Last year we ran into a rent scam in a residential complex near the center of Matsesta. The realtor rented us an apartment, we paid for a week of accommodation, we even signed a contract. But the next day the owner of the apartment came and was very surprised to see us, since the apartment was rented only for a day. The police were called, but no one returned the money to us, we had to urgently look for new housing.

This year they rented a number, but it was also unsuccessful

This time we rented the guest house “Old Matsesta” and decided not to deal with private owners. But this option did not live up to our expectations. The only thing that matched the description was the location. The medical building is only 10 minutes walk, very convenient. But perhaps we had too high expectations. Most importantly, the owner is very adequate, accepted our claims and returned the money without any fines.

We moved to another hotel

The hotel was called “Bamboo Grove “. We arrived … and then I realized that “Old Matsesta” was better. It is impossible to sleep on mattresses, the road is uphill with such a slope that even a physically fit person cannot stand walking like this every day. The noise from the road and the audibility in the house finally killed the hope of a healthy sleep.

I will be happy to return to rest in Adler, but when you start looking for a place to live, problems immediately begin. We need more precise control over the cost of living and the real estate market in Russian resorts, this is the main problem for vacationers.

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