The Russians called the worst traditional Russian names

Russians called the worst traditional Russian names

The euphony of a name is a relative concept, highly dependent on both the cultural context and individual perception: for example, the letter “F” was once considered by the people to be not very decent because of its style, so poor Fyodors and Philippas signed exclusively through “Xv “. Yes, and now the same combination of letters and syllables is perceived by someone as a song, but it annoys someone. Russian users of the Reddit network named the worst Russian names. Among them there are both traditional and borrowed ones, but they have taken root in our country and have become native.

  1. Akulina sounds like a shark, a big shark,” writes Trubarur. And according to U/priffet, the name Valentin/Valya is ugly for men, because it is the “grandmother” level. So I wrote. In OpportunityNo8171, Borya has been associated since childhood with a name for a piglet or a cat, and in general with some unpleasant person.
  2. Several users immediately named Evlampia, Evstakhia and Akakia< /b>. But these names are more characteristic of Chekhov's novels than of contemporary Russian reality. People also don’t like Thekla — she goes there, to Akakiy.
  3. Uejas3aic calls Praskovia — the diminutive form of this name (Parasha) is not quite unambiguously perceived in our culture. Puzzleheaded-Pie-322, whose real name is Timothy, hates his name and thinks it's stupid.
  1. Makar, Zakhar and Zinaida were also unlucky – in several posts they noted that these are too rude names. AYaroslavs are already corny with everyone – there are three in each class.
  2. People also don’t like Ignat with Dobrynya, but Varvara or Varya is normal for a little girl, for an adult woman “it's terrible” (no explanation why). At the same time, Claudia and Galina got – these names were considered too rustic.
  3. Finally, Ivan, Vladimir, Alexander were often called and Svetlana. Apparently, these names have greatly set the teeth on edge – they were too popular in late Soviet and post-Soviet times.

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