The sea is super, the reefs are super: a review of a vacation in an inexpensive hotel in Egypt

The sea is super, the reefs are super: a review of a vacation in an inexpensive hotel in Egypt

Our reader Roman Gergert writes his review directly from Sharm, Naama Bay, from the inexpensive hotel Ghazala Gardens 4 *. “For the first time in Egypt. In general, I liked it.” Let's find out the details. 1/1

About the hotel

At first we were settled in a very “tired” room, located next to the dance floor, where it is noisy at night. We talked with the administrators, asked to change it, they replaced it without any problems and surcharges.

Yes, the furniture in the room is tired, shabby, but still not bad here. The room is cleaned every day, towels are changed on request. There are no bathrobes and slippers (we don't really need them).

The staff is very friendly, and if they sometimes pamper you with tips, they generally make exceptions for you and give gifts. so-so. All 4 days every day there were the same dishes, and the most delicious, if you didn’t have time to take it, everyone grabs it, and nothing gets. But in the last three days (it is not clear why) everything has changed, the dishes have become varied and very tasty, and everything is always enough for everyone.

The hotel area is beautiful

The territory at Ghazala Gardens is old, but beautiful and well-groomed, in such an Eastern Egyptian style. There are several pools of different depths with many bridges and an island with a drink bar. The pool bar is always full, but the waiters try not to queue.

There is animation, but very poor, but no matter how much it is not needed, just for the kids before going to bed – jump in the disco :)


The beach is one for two hotels

But there are few people, mainly the first two lines of sun loungers are occupied, and there are about 7 of them (this is at least, perhaps more, I did not count). Since this is Naama Bay, the beach is sandy and the entry is convenient, there are almost no stones. There are two small reefs that absolutely do not interfere with swimming, as they occupy 10% of the total swimming space. There are fish on the reef, especially in the morning a lot of different living creatures come.

And now about the price

For three (2 adults and a child of 6 years old) for 12 nights, 230 thousand came out on a direct flight from St. Petersburg. The sea is super, the reefs are super, there is also diving right on the beach for a fee and many other water activities (also for an additional fee, of course, in cheap hotels this is the norm). 1/1

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