The stewardess told about 3 privileges on board that everyone can get

 The stewardess spoke about 3 privileges on board that everyone can get

A stewardess with 10 years of experience spoke about free additional services that any passenger can count on. To get them, you just need to contact the flight attendants.

1. Enter the cockpit

The cockpiteveryone can see: children are almost never denied this, and adults are also extremely rare. The decision is made by the captain. You won’t be able to see the cockpit during the flight, only before takeoff – while all devices are turned off. This is a new rule, it was introduced for the safety of the crew and passengers. /ei/cv/eicvwscj5o0s8sk0ggcwcc88w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

 The stewardess told about 3 privileges on board that everyone can get


2. Get a pilot's autograph

Some airlines give small passengers special children's magazines where they can write down information about the flight, their impressions, and after the flight they can get the seal and the pilot's autograph. Some children fly frequently, the magazine fills up quickly, and the kids have a real catalog of memories of their adventures.

3. Make flying special

If passengers fly on a special day, the crew and the airline will try to make it more enjoyable. Lighting candles on the cake is not allowed by safety rules, but flight attendants are usually ready to sing a birthday song or offer a glass of champagne. For honeymoon or wedding anniversary passengers, the airline may provide free additional services or upgrades. The main thing is to report an important event for you at the front desk, and the staff will definitely try to please you. Feel free to tell the crew members about your holiday too – perhaps they will be even more generous.

Airlines are trying to please their passengers because beautiful gestures often make it to social networks and become good advertising.

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4. Bonus

The main rule for passengers is not to be shy about trying to get amenities. Sometimes you can be in first class simply because the flight attendant is in a good mood. But it is unlikely that he will offer it himself and specifically to you – but he may not refuse the request.

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