The times of “tagil” are over: a review of a terribly boring holiday in Egypt

“We are not one of those tourists who ask for a hotel where there are fewer Russians. I don't understand this request. The times of “tagil” have already passed, now no one can be surprised by unlimited alcohol and all-inclusive meals. It has always been convenient for me if the hotel is oriented towards Russian speakers. Animation, menu, Russian-speaking staff – this is a plus for me. Such hotels take into account national characteristics, our compatriots are very active, they love discos and animation. This year, we absolutely accidentally ended up in a hotel in which only we and another couple were Russians, ”says our reader Anna Shapovalova.

Sharm Grand Plaza Resort

The Sharm Grand Plaza Resort 5 * is located in Sharm el-Sheikh, the territory is large and well-groomed, focused on Europeans. In our race there were 90% of families from Italy. Besides us, there is another family from St. Petersburg and several families from Kazakhstan.1/1

The hotel is very boring, just melancholy. Not calm and quiet, but boring!

No animation, and even when the guys appeared, they simply did not recruit people for activities. Lights out at 21:00, the territory is quiet, all bars and restaurants are closed. Speaking of bars: out of the entire long list that is listed on the hotel website, only the main restaurant and two bars were open.

Numbers for the “four”

Not junk, the plumbing is in order, the beds are comfortable, very clean. Bathrobes and slippers for an additional fee, only two towels, beach towels on cards and change no more than once a day. The rooms are dark and stuffy, the air conditioning is not adjustable, it has only a “fridge” mode, blows away everything in its path, roars like a wild animal.1/1

Mostly Italian cuisine

It's strange, for example, I have never seen in the hotels of Egypt, where the majority of Russians rest, that there was predominantly Russian cuisine. You flew to Egypt – and there is cabbage soup, borscht, herring with potatoes and pickled mushrooms. And the Italians, apparently, like to eat exclusively pasta and pizza even on vacation. Even on the territory, the Palmera restaurant (of course, Italian) was sometimes opened, but we never got into it. Probably only Italians are taken there. When we tried to sign up, there were always no places.

There are only two pools (although 7 are declared!). Tourists from Italy mostly sit by the pool, they only go to the sea to take a dip, to the right of the main beach there is a paddling lagoon.1/1

The sea is warm, but there is a strong wind in the mornings

A red flag was always hung until 12:00–13:00 . But on the other hand, this is the best time for sunbathing – a lot of sun, it blows. Do not forget about protective creams and oils, the wind dries the skin very much and there is a risk of burns. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free, always free, there is a pontoon with several slopes at different depths, a beautiful reef, a very rich and fearless underwater world.

There are souvenir shops and shops on the territory, merchants are all waiting for Italians, Russians are not favored there. They are rude, inflate prices or simply ignore: they went in on the first day and didn’t go anymore, an unpleasant aftertaste remained. I thought that such an attitude towards the Russians is everywhere here, but my fears were not justified. When we began to travel to the city, visit local restaurants, shops, we realized that we were just so “lucky” with the hotel.

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We went on excursions several times

We went fishing and desert and each time we had mixed groups and guides who spoke multiple languages. Very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Hotel Sharm Grand Plaza Resort 5 * I do not advise, only if you are a convinced introvert who loves Italian cuisine. You will swim in the sea and no one will disturb you :)

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