The UAE finally canceled the mask regime and other restrictions

A negative PCR test older than 48 hours is still required to enter the UAE

Mask mode and other restrictions have been completely abolished in the UAE

Effective November 7, the UAE is lifting virtually all restrictions related to COVID-19. This was reported by the National Office for Emergency Situations and Disaster Management. The wearing of masks is no longer mandatory in all institutions in the country. After the previous relaxation at the end of September, the requirement remained mandatory for visiting mosques, houses of worship and transport. At the moment, personal protective equipment will continue to be used in medical facilities.

To visit attractions and public places, you no longer need a green pass in the Al Hosn mobile application, confirming a negative PCR test. Including in Abu Dhabi, where, unlike Dubai, the requirements have so far been more stringent.

There are no changes for tourists entering the UAE – a fresh study will still have to be done. But inside the country, they will be able to freely visit any facilities and not wear masks.

Medical facilities for PCR testing and treatment will continue to work in the country. Those infected with COVID-19 are required to self-quarantine for five days.

National Emergency Management and Disaster Management reserves the right for organizers of large public events to request vaccination certificates. They can decide whether they are necessary depending on the type or importance of the event.

There is no information about the cancellation of the mandatory PCR test when entering the UAE!  The website of the International Air Transport Agency continues to state that a negative PCR test older than 48 hours is required to enter the UAE.

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