The United Arab Emirates has changed the rules for extending visitor visas

UAE returned to pre-2020 standard procedure 04a354a.jpg” alt=”United Arab Emirates has changed the rules for extending visitor visas” />

In accordance with the new visa scheme, holders of resident visas are given a six-month period to change status. If after this period the foreigner does not apply for a new visa or does not leave the country, he may be arrested for violating migration laws.

This innovation does not apply to ordinary tourists. Russians can stay in the UAE without a visa for up to 90 days. A visitor visa allows you to stay in the country for a longer period, but for its registration you will need an invitation from a resident – relatives, friends or company.

According to sources in the UAE, the amendments have come into force in all emirates, except for Dubai. Even after the introduction of the new rules, some applicants still managed to extend their visas without leaving. But soon the visa system will be updated there as well.


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